A businessperson in India is investing personal property to build a cheap high-speed wireless communication network, the premonition of the arrival of the IT revolution in India

ByRuss Bowling

Indian businessmanMukesh AmbanyMr. introduced his own asset and started cheap 4G communication service in India. As a result, the high-speed communication network in India is developed at a stretch, and new Internet services are likely to be born one after another.

India's richest man offers free 4G to one billion people

Until now, there are few public Wi - Fi spots that can be used free of charge in the country, Internet infrastructure is not available in rural areas, only people who live in urban areas can access the Internet, It was limited to one person. It was Mukesh Ambani, Indian businessman, who moved to overcome this situation. Mr. Ambani plans to introduce its own assets, and to offer the 4G high-speed wireless communication called Reliance / Jio network at a discount price, to build an Internet communication network all over India at once.

Reliance · Jio already built 4G wireless communication in 80% of India, started Jio network on September 5, 2016, and will release mobile communication free of charge within 2016. From 2017 onwards we plan to offer at a discount price of 149 rupees per month (about 230 yen).

Mr. Ambany said "everything digitizable will be digitized one after another and it is also exponential speed," he said, predicting the digital and telecommunications revolution throughout India. According to Mr. Ambanyi, the Reliance · Jio network has already covered the mobile communication network in 18,000 cities and 200,000 villages, and it is a goal to reach 90% population coverage by March 2017.

In India, Google has so far tried to disseminate Internet services to a huge market of 1 billion people, including providing free Wi-Fi service to station buildings in India and Facebook providing free version service I have done it. However, following the overwhelming service of Reliance · Jio, rival mobile communications company Airtel is 80% off 3G / 4G service price, Vodafone has raised data communication capacity by 70% It is said that it is happening. Reliance · Jio's price destruction makes it possible for Indian Internet services to change drastically, and it is expected that India will become increasingly more prominent as an IT powerhouse in the future.

Mr. Ambani who is a businessman leading Reliance Industries, India's largest private company, who is one of the top ten worldwide ranked owners, owns a 170-meter-high mansion house. It is a building that Mr. Ambani knows about how bribery is known.


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