A movie that understands the history of horror movies from 1895 to 2016 "A History of Horror"

Horror movies thought to be scary scares but not to stop looking at themselves appeared around the end of the 19th century at the beginning of the movie, and after that a number of works have been produced as popular movie genres until 2016. A movie that summarizes a horror movie from 1895 to 2016 which is said to have been made for the first time for horror movies "A History of Horror"Has been released.

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"Queen of Scotland, Execution of Mary", which is regarded as the world's first horror movie, appeared in 1895 when the Lumiere brothers announced the cinematograph of a composite projector. This work was 14 seconds long and it was a completely different viewing style from now to enjoying pictures from a peep window.

"Satan's Hall" published in 1896 is a horror movie length of 3 minutes.

The 1902 movie "Moon World Tour" by Director Georges Meries is a work based on the novel by Jules Verne.

"The sealed room" published in 1909 is a movie whose original novel by Edgar Allan Poe.

"Frankenstein" was a movie released in 1910, and it is the world's first movie dealing with Frankenstein. It is also known for his work produced by Edison Studio established by Thomas Edison.

"Dr. Jekyll and Hide", which Dr. Jekyll, who carried out drug experiments by herself, transformed into a different personality of Hyde was published in 1912.

"Prague college student" which is regarded as the birth of a German film was released in 1913.

"Rhapsody of Satan" published in Italy in 1917

The German film "Dr. Caligari" in 1920 was the first work that appeared in German expressionist movies. A famous movie not only as a horror movie but also as a work of art. There are people who recite as a work symbolizing German propaganda policy at the time, also famous as a movie that called for discussion.

German expressionist masterpiece "Vampire Nosferatu" is the first work dealing with Vampire.

"Phantom of the Opera" with the famous novel as the original. The phantom of the novel's opera is a movie made into a movie many times.

"Faust" which Goethe's original work was supervised by F · W · Murnau was published in 1926.

"King Kong" expressing King Kong with puppet animation of stop motion using a doll

A masterpiece of a horror movie with a theme of "Werewolf" "Wolf Man" was released in 1941. Since it was during the Second World War back then, there was a history that it was not made public in Japan.

"Five-fingered beast" published in 1946

"Meat wax doll" published in 1953 was released as a 3D movie watching polarized glasses.

The masterpiece of Japanese movie "Godzilla" is the first work of the Godzilla series, from which the genre of monster movies will be established.

Film "Psycho" published by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960

"Birds" where birds hit humans are also works of director Hitchcock, which was released in 1963.

"Night of the Living Dead" which is permanently stored in the National National Film Register is the first work that depicts a zombie attacking humans. After that, movies dealing with zombies are getting more popular than established as one genre.

The 1973 movie "Exorcist" which portrays the battle of the devil and the priest who caught the girl shone first in box office earnings in the United States, many remake works are made.

The movie "Jaws" made him famous by Stephen Spielberg. Anyone who has listened to music that horror comes close to jiwiwa should be.

Ridley Scott's masterpiece "Alien" was released in 1979. Aliens designed by H · R · Giagers are still so popular that figures are still made.

"Shining" which Stanley Kubrick made into a movie of the same name original novel by Stephen King. Jack Nicholson's crazy performance was impressive.

"Nightmare on Elm Street" published in 1984 is a horror movie depicting the murderer Freddy Kruger of fear coming out in a dream.

British film "Hell Razor" released in 1987

In "The Silence of the Lambs," Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who likes the meat that Anthony Hopkins played, became a hot topic, after that a movie was made with Dr. Lector as the protagonist.

The movie 'Seven' closing the criminal investigating a series of murder cases with Christian "seven deadly sins" as a motif. The ending was a shocking content that the person who saw it once was unforgettable.

"Scream" published in 1996 is a horror movie including a splatter element, a work which succeeded to excavate a splatter movie that was under fire. Costumes like shinigami and characteristic masks are sometimes used as a cosplay for Halloween.

"Cube" is a Canadian film released in 1997. Suddenly a movie trying to survive fear trappers that men and women confined in a cubical structure one after another attacks is a movie in which the tension that drifts throughout the work is noisy no matter when it dies.

"Rings" of Japanese movies published in 1998. Recorded a huge hit in Japan, a sequel was released, and then a remake work was made in Hollywood. In 2016, Hollywood's latest work "RINGSIt is scheduled to be released.

Blair Witch Project "published in 1999 which recorded a big hit of what was made as an independent work on a low budget

British film released in 2002 "After 28 days ..."

A game released by the 2004 movie "Saw" which depicted two men who were confined in a closed room and were forced to kill terrifying games

"Paranormal activity" of an independent movie that became a big hit while director and cast was unknown is a movie released in 2007. We called a hot topic that there was a person who fainted in the movie theater.

The film "Dead Revival" based on the true story that the famous paranormal phenomenon researcher Ed and Lorain Warren and the couple actually experienced was a movie released in 2013.

"The Witch" which won the domestic film director award in Sundance movie of 2015. It is a work set in the age where witch hunting was done, and it is an unpublished work in Japan.

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