Who is the Indian company “Jio” that Google and Facebook are investing and partnering one after another?


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An Indian company that received a total investment of 10 billion dollars (about 1 trillion yen) from Google and Facebook is `` Jio '' while the whole economy is stagnation due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, Microsoft is also planning investment Technology writer Sarvesh Mathi spells out what kind of company Jio is supposed to be, and what kind of future big change in India will be.

What Is Jio, and Why Are Tech's Biggest Players Suddenly Obsessed With It? | by Sarvesh Mathi | Aug, 2020 | OneZero

Jio is the communications division of Reliance Industries, a conglomerate and a subsidiary of Jio Platforms , a digital services company.

Originally Reliance Industries was founded in 1957 by Dilbai Ambani as a small textile company. After that, Mr. Dilbay entered various businesses such as retail, digital services, oil refining and oil mining, and Reliance Industries became the largest company in India in terms of revenue, net profit, market capitalization and export value. Dirubai Mr. In the wake of that attack happened in 1986 the son of a business Mukesh Ambani and Mr Anil Ambani took over to Mr., of about two people in the world's billionaires in 2008 ranked in the top 10 millionaire It became .

Jio is based on the cheap 4G communication service that Mr. Mukesh started by investing his personal property in 2016.

India's No. 1 businessman invested private property to build a cheap high-speed wireless communication network, a feeling of the arrival of the IT revolution in India-GIGAZINE

The Internet market is already saturated in Western countries, but there are still many regions in the world where the Internet is not accessible. India was one of them. At the time of 2016, only the urban areas could access the Internet, and only one-fifth of the population could access the Internet. Mr. Mukesh decided to provide 4G high-speed wireless communication at a low price in India and establish a communication network throughout the country.

In the four years from 2016, Mukesh started the Jio network with 387.5 million subscribers and a market share of 33.4% in India. Competitor Airtel has a 28.3% share and Vodafone Idea has a 27.5% share. With the advent of the Jio network, the market share has changed dramatically, and with dramatic price drops among competitors, some telecom operators have exited the market.

Historically, the oil business has been a highly profitable sector for conglomerates, but in recent years it has been said that 'data is the new oil'. Jio has become a very valuable division for Reliance Industries, which has built a fortune on oil.

In 2019, Jio Platforms, which integrates all digital divisions operated by Reliance Industries, was established. The largest subsidiary of Jio Platforms is Reliance Jio Infocomm (aka Jio), which provides free and unlimited 4G lines for 6 months.

Jio Network-Jio Fiber Internet Connection & Jio 4G

Jio's mobile communication is the lowest in the world at $0.26 per GB (about 27 yen). In addition, Japan is a 1GB per 8.34 US dollars (about 880 yen) has become .

In addition, Jio is not just a telecommunications business, but also develops and sells the smartphone 'LYF' and the 5000 yen smartphone 'Jio Phone'. Both are 4G lines, and are said to be popular as entry-level smartphones.

And Jio has started the 'Jio Fiber initiative' that combines high-speed broadband, TV & telephone services, music streaming service 'JioSaavn', Android browser 'JioBrowser', message application 'JioChat', payment application 'JioMoney'. ,' video streaming app 'JioTV', video conferencing app 'JioMeet', movie streaming app 'JioCinema', healthcare app 'JioHealthHub'.

These apps are pre-installed on Jio smartphones and smartphones manufactured by Jio partners, and almost everything is free. And these Jio subscription apps are expected to generate huge revenue as Jio users grow.

With such a tremendous amount of expansion, Jio is also attractive to Google. Google believes that it is possible to expand Android OS smartphones in the Indian market by partnering with Jio. Jio has also partnered with Microsoft, which wants to expand Office 365 and cloud platform Azure in India.

Google invested about 480 billion yen in Indian telecommunications company Jio Platforms, what is its purpose? -GIGAZINE

It should be noted that Western technology companies are trying to enter the Indian market through Jio not only because of Jio's market share and potential, but because Reliance Industries and the Ambani family are close to the Indian government, and are subject to government regulations. It is believed to be because it is less likely to receive.

In addition, Jio is reportedly in the process of developing Jio Glass, which is similar to Microsoft's Hololens , and it also integrates multiple platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime into one device, such as 'Jio TV+' like Apple TV. We are showing various movements such as the provision of the service. It is said that it is considering developing 5G in 2021.

And as a next step, Jio is also focusing on the e-commerce business. In India, 90% of transactions are online, and e-commerce is expected to grow in the future. Jio has already started JioMart , an online grocery delivery service, but by using the method of connecting existing physical stores and online shops such as Walmart, e Jio is expected to have a significant presence in the commerce market.

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