Simply sticking and sticking around here will become a temperature sensor for smart "ThermoPeanut"

A temperature sensor with a cute shape in the middle like a peanut, characterized by cute appearance "ThermoPeanut(Thermopainat) ". ThermoPeanut is a device that can be temperature monitored by connecting with a smartphone and will be part of a device group that can realize "smart home" by combining it with other sensors that are going to appear in the future.

ThermoPeanut •

This tiny sensor is shaped like a peanut and tracks temperature changes | The Verge

The pink device ThermoPeanut is placed side by side with the iPhone. Companies that provide equipment that supports life with sensing devicesSen.seIt is a gadget developed by. As a function, it is a device specialized for "measuring temperature", but by interlocking with a smartphone, continuous measurement is enabled.

For example, if you stick it to the wall of the storage case where food is stored in this way, measure the temperature regularly with a preset cycle ...

Send temperature information to the smartphone with Bluetooth. With a dedicated application, you can display graphs as follows, you can also use air conditioning management in conjunction with "Nest Thermostat" or use it as a trigger for IFTTT.

Various uses, if you stick it on the wall of the baby's room, you can comfortable room temperature management ......

It is also possible to monitor the room temperature of the bathroom.

If you stick it in the bedroom, it seems to be useful for preparing a comfortable sleeping environment.

Specifications of the equipment are as follows. The size is 45 × 25 × 5 mm, and it is a level which is not bothersome almost anywhere other than the main body color. With BluetoothLE in cooperation with smartphones, button batteries can be used for a maximum of 6 months, the measurable temperature is from minus 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.

The ThermoPeanut is selling for $ 29 (about 3000 yen). In, in the future,SafePeanut"If you put it in a wallet or you can prevent lossProximityPeanut"To sense water leakage"Hydra Peanut"Monitor the opening and closing of the door"DoorPeanut"And customizable and IFTTT functions can be assigned"PeanutButtonSuch asSeries product groupIt is also planned to make it appear.

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