From Google, OS "Brillo" for IoT has appeared, what is "WEAVE" that combines smartphone and home appliances?

Google's IoT OS "Brillo"Is GOogle I / O 2015It was officially announced in. In addition to Brillo, the cloud, smartphone, and Brillo equipped devices are connected "WEAVE"It seems that there is a possibility that smart appliances will spread all at once.

Internet of things(Internet of Things (abbreviated "IoT") is a technology that is expected to attract lifestyles, which is an important technology that attracts attention as a smart thermostat / household fire alarm systemNestReleased.

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Of course, I will continue to further develop the field of IoT.

"User experience" "communication" "OS" is important in IoT.

"Brillo" is the OS for IoT developed by Google.

You can see what kind of platform Brillo is in the following movie.

CNET News - Google makes Internet of Things platform 'Brillo' official - YouTube

Supporting Brillo is "WEAVE" system.

WEAVE concatenates clouds, smartphones, and Brillo-powered devices.

According to the WEAVE system, it will be possible to operate appliances such as turning on lights and air conditioners with smartphones, for example. Is it no longer necessary to use multiple remote control separately, or to search the remote control ... ....

Developer preview is scheduled to appear in the third quarter of 2015, Brillo which still has many mysteries. WEAVE is due to appear in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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