The share of Android smartphone ranks first in the world, iPhone and Symbian OS are pulled away

A smartphone that adopted Google's mobile phone OS "Android" is promoting a good progress of breakthroughHaving reversed Apple's iPhone with American market shareWe announced in May last year, but finally the market share of Android smartphone became the 1st in the whole world.

※ The above picture includes the meaning of "to spread the Android platform", the smartphone Google itself released in January last year "Nexus One"is.

Shares by platform and shipment quantity are detailed from the following.
Google's Android's the world's leading smart phone platform (Canalys research release: r2011013)

According to a press release announced by Canalys, a research firm in the United States, Android smartphone shipments reached 32.9 million units in the worldwide smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2010.

It is said that it exceeds 31 million units, which is the shipment quantity of mobile phones adopting the platform "Symbian OS" provided by NOKIA, the top mobile phone maker.

However, since the number of shipments of Android smartphones is the total value of shipments of several manufacturers, NOKIA is still the top leader as a smartphone maker.

Share by platform. Google is 32.9%, NOKIA is 30.6%, Apple is 16.0%, RIM known for BlackBerry is 14.4%, and Microsoft which launched "Windows Phone 7" is 3.1%, and the smartphone market itself is year-on-year It has achieved a rapid growth rate of 88.6%.

KDDI's "IS 01"YaNTT DoCoMo's "LYNX"Even though Android smartphones have points that are not perfect, such as OS update issues that were talked about in the past, even if the terminal and applications are to be improved by rapidly growing like this, Is not it a nice thing for the user?

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