The interview audio in which John Lennon talks about his first trip after taking the hallucinogenic drug LSD will be made into an animated film.

Rolling Stone magazine has released a movie called `` John Lennon's First Acid Trip, '' which is an interview with former Beatle John Lennon, who recalls his ``trip'' state after using the hallucinogen LSD for the first time, with animated footage. , you can watch the anime with John's real voice.

John Lennon's First Acid Trip - YouTube

'A dentist in London had arranged 'it' for me, George [Harrison, former Beatle guitar player] and our wives. He didn't tell us anything and we had it done at his home. We used it at a dinner party. He was a friend of George's and was the one who was checking our teeth at the time.'

'He put 'it' in his coffee or something right then and there.'

'And he advised us, 'You guys shouldn't go home.'' This was John Reilly, the dentist who exposed John, George, and their wives to LSD. .

John tells us more. ``He tried to make us riot in the house.'' At this time, four people, including John, became angry at the actions of Mr. Riley who had planted LSD. By the way, the two wives who were there at the time were John's first wife, Cynthia, and George's first wife, Patti Boyd, who would later marry Eric Clapton.

'And what happened next was just crazy.'

The four then manage to leave Mr. Riley's home and head to the club 'Ad Lib'. 'We were heading to the club and we thought it was on fire.'

'And we were screaming in the street.'

'Then people were screaming, 'Let's break the window!' Well, we were totally freaking out. We were totally freaking out.'

'Then we finally got into the elevator, and we thought the elevator was on fire,' he said in a panic.

'It was actually just a little red light, but we were screaming.'

'We got on the elevator, and when the elevator stopped and the door opened, we were like, 'Aaaaaaaa! ” and jumped out. Then I realized it was a club,' says John. You can tell that it is quite tripped.

``When I entered the restaurant and took a seat, the table became longer and longer.''

“It was just a table, there were only four of us, but it became long like this.”

“Then, someone who looked like a singer came up to us and asked, ``Do you mind if I sit next to you?''

``I replied, ``If you're going to stay silent forever!''

'After that, I got on George's Mini (Cooper) driven by George or someone and went home, but it was really slow driving and it was only about 15 km / h.'

'But to us, it felt like thousands of miles, and I had a flurry of crazy jokes coming to my mind.'

“And George is like, 'Don't make me laugh!'

'When I got to George's house, the whole house felt like a big submarine, and I was piloting it. Everyone went to bed and I was piloting it alone. We were all 18 feet. ), and I was piloting them,” recalls John.

This event occurred in the spring of 1965. The submarine that appears in the story is reminiscent of 'Yellow Submarine' released by the Beatles in 1968 . It was rumored that ' Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ' was born, and it was an event that strongly impressed the relationship between the Beatles and drugs during this period.

You can also read the detailed story related to this episode in the American version of Rolling Stone article.

The Beatles' 'Revolver': How LSD Opened the Door to a Masterpiece - Rolling Stone

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