It turned out to have received "a mysterious signal" from the star which is 95 light years away


It was revealed that the electronic telescope in Russia was receiving an interesting signal from space. Whether it is the extraterrestrial intelligent life entity that transmitted the signal has attracted a great deal of attention.

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According to Paul Gilstar, an operator of a website dealing with space searching information and news on Centauri Dreams, according to a research announcement by Italian astronomer Claudio McConnell, in 2015, the radio telescope in Russia "RATAN -600 "was found to have caught a signal from outer space.

The signal is said to originate from the star "HD 164595" with mass as much as the sun that is 95 light-years away from Hercules in the direction of Hercules. The signal was received on May 15, 2015, the wavelength was 2.7 cm and the amplitude was 1 mJy. I do not know if this signal came from civilization in outer space, but Gilstar said that "This signal deserves further investigation." Also, some researchersDefinition of Kardashiev"If the signal received this time was from an isotropic beacon, the signal has strengths unavoidable unless it is a" Type II "civilization that is much more developed than Earth's civilization He said "There is. However, if it is a narrow signal transmitted only to the solar system, it can be done with "Type I" civilization.

The definition of Kardashiev is the type of civilization that exists in the universe by the degree of progress of civilization, "Type I civilization" refers to planetary scale energy, "Type II civilization" to stellar scale energy, "type III civilization "is defined as a civilization that mastery of the energy of the galaxy scale. This time it is a signal corresponding to type II if it is a strong case, there is a possibility that someone with sophisticated civilization than the earth transmitted the signal.

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Research and research on extraterrestrial intelligent life formsSETI @ home project"There is no clear evidence that it is possible to distinguish whether the observed signal is a radio wave naturally occurred or not" for this discovery, "while even SETI may receive similar signals , The signal of this time is more interesting than that. "

Also, Mr. Seth Shoestack, director of SETI, said, "It is certain that the signal found this time is a mystery, but the mysterious signal is not a novelty," as a cause of the signal being transmitted It contains all kinds of possibilities, and calls attention that excitement is still premature.

Signals from the universe have been observed many times, famous ones were observed in 1977 "Wow! signalThere was a thing called, but its true identity has not been known even as of 2016. The signal observed this time will be taken up as an agenda at the 67th International Space Conference to be held in Mexico on 27th September, and attention is gaining attention on the report of the new investigation result.

◆ September 1, 2016 16:10 Postscript:
According to the contents announced by the Special Astronomical Physics Observatory (SAO RAS) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, we found that the signal received by the RATAN - 600 is likely to have been transmitted from the Earth. For the observed 11 GHz signal, SETI performed the confirmation work of the reproducibility, but only the signal appeared once out of the 39 observations, the California Allen telescope group could catch the signal even once I could not do it. However, SETI says "it is still too early to convey reliable scientific conclusions about research on RATAN-600."


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