Google plans to change so that "difficult to see" sites displaying pop-up ads etc. are not displayed at the top of search results

In order to make it easier for users to access by content, Algorism 's search engine will display pop - up advertisements on search results displayed by Google on mobile terminals and lower the search ranking of websites where main content is difficult to browse We announced that we will make changes.

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Helping users easily access content on mobile

Since 2014, Google has displayed "smartphone compatible labels" in Google's search results, and websites compatible with smartphones were displayed on the search results page together with the word "smartphone enabled". However, with the passage of time, many websites correspond to mobile terminals, and the number of websites making it easy to see without enlarging or shrinking the screen on the user side has increased, so if we abolish the smartphone label Announcement. In addition, we change the search result display algorithm so that users can easily access the contents.

Google refers to content that is displayed when moving a page or while browsing a page as interstitial content (content interposed between them), and the presence or absence of this interstitial content mainly affects the ranking of search results To do. In the mechanism adopted newly from 2017, it is said that the following website is taken as "lowering the quality of mobile experience" from the top of the search result.

· Websites that display pop-ups and advertisement pages when searching for a flight to main content, or display interstitial content while browsing pages

· Websites that users must erase interstitial content before accessing the main content

· Think of the content as "content is displayed" Websites with a layout in which interstitial content is displayed at the top of the page and main content is displayed at the bottom of the page

On the other hand, interstitial contents such as the following do not affect the ranking of search results.

· Display on use of cookie and age authentication

· Login authentication required before displaying pages containing private content or paid content

· Banner that can be easily erased with moderate size

It is said that the algorithm will be changed from January 10, 2017.

· Additional notes 2016/08/24 18: 39
As for the two changes to be added to the mobile search results, details are published in Japanese on the official web blog for Google.

Official blog for Google Webmasters: to make it easy for mobile users to access content

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