A VR car "VReal Trike" capable of exploding the world like Tron with an electric trike

Interactive Lab of Russia, which is developing VR technology such as "VR Cinema" "Move In VR", is the world's first VR car that can actually run around the electric trike in the virtual reality of SF feeling Max in conjunction with the VR headset "VReal Trike"The actual running movie is released.

VReal Trike - YouTube

It seems like moving the platform around here and attaching something to a high place.

And this is "VReal Trike"

It seems that sensors are installed at the rear of the car body.

When preparation is completed, the driver wears a VR headset.

In the driver's field of sight it is supposed to see a world like the movie "Tron" like this.

That's why VReal Trike started driving.

I turn around the room at a faster speed.

Since the cable is extending from VReal Trike, driving seems a little difficult. In addition, Interactive Lab announced the VR technical event "5th - 6th August 2016 (local time)"VRLA"I heard that VReal Trike was exhibited and a VR car race was held. In the explanation column of YouTube, "This is the first test video of our prototype, but VReal Trike exhibiting at VRLA is cooler, of course there is no cables!" Is written.

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