A movie trying to load jet skis directly from the water is a serious eye catching movie

In order to save time and trouble of loading using rails etc., it is a movie shot of moving the car to the water's edge and trying to put the jet ski directly into the car.

Jet skis are loaded in the state where the rear part of the car is released and it is hitting the water, but this method is causing a serious situation.

Details are as below.
A car that moves to the water's edge to load directly jet skis.
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Jet ski goes round and goes to the car.

There is no problem until loading as it is.

But, the jet skis was heavy or the car will retreat.

An automobile that is steadily sinking. People shooting are burst out laughing.

People on the jet ski escape from behind.

Although the sinking of the car stopped, the driver remained in the car. Were you able to raise your car safely?

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