Larch Oil Junkie Great satisfied Mos Burger "Terry Ito's Zakuzaku Lee Burger" Tasting Review

From the beginning of this year, Momoya's "A bitter spicy rice oil that is not hotThe rice oil boom which is taking place as a trigger finally reaches the hamburger industry, and Mos Burger is "Terry Itoh no zakuzasa rice oil burgerI was eating at a shop soon as I was putting out a new product called "

This is because the information program "Refreshing !!In collaboration with "Mr. Ito, moderator of the program, Mr. Ito made a tag with Mos Burger at this time of last year"Spicy Terry Yaki BurgerAlthough I am delivering a funny product called 'Hamburger' with the use of this time oil, how much is it and how hard is it?

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Arrived at Mos Burger.

A gorgeous poster was posted on the shop front.

Also in the shop, posters with image that seems to be very spicy with the red tone.

Actually this poster, the size is small. I thought that posters were being made with a more gaudy feeling, it was quite small.

A hamburger has been carried for several minutes to wait.

The original seal comes with 2 types of lava burgers. Terry Ito, of course the model of the character.

"Terry Ito's rude oil burgers" is not a half amount of oil. The source overflowing from the vicinity of the rice oil is tomato salsa, the world's hardest pepperJoloquiaAnd made up with a large number of peppers such as island oil, jalapeno of pickled vegetables and so on.

The ingredients are coming in with feeling like just eating rarin. Besides fried garlic and fried onion, considerable improvements such as adding rice crackers to improve crispness are being added.

I feel like Moss Burger in the place where one thickly cut tomato is on board.

The part where the rice oil is riding and the part on which the onion and mayonnaise are riding are divided into beautiful two parts.

In the lower buns there is a part that is soaked with luscious oil and it has been dyed in red.

When I tried to eat a bite, firm chewiness of the larceny. The bitterness is not very strong. The crisp feeling of the appliances is strong as the sound makes sound as usual. However, it seems that the flavor of onion and garlic is reduced compared to the commercially available larceny oil, as the chewy chewy is strengthened by rice crackers. Speaking of lacquer oil to eat, however, I feel that it is "Oh yes, this taste" and I think that it is finished to satisfy the oil junkie.

The spicy oil itself is not too hot, but the tomato salsa sauce is quite spicy and the ingredients such as tomatoes and patties are not particularly relieved, so we are not good at hot things It may be pretty hard for someone. Looking at the whole burger, the balance of taste is good, and the oil is cold as it is sandwiched by burger, so it is not a burgers of Atsuatsu, it was finished in perfect food for summer.

Then, "Terry Ito's rude oil cheeseburger" seems to be modest as the amount of oil slightly depends on whether cheese was added.

Also tomatoes are on board.

Bright red oil on the cheese.

As for the cheeseburger, too, the lower buns gets moist with rice oil.

The melting cheese seems mellow. Actually, the cheese relaxed the spicy feeling, and when I ate a normal "Terry Ito no kakuzaku rare oil burger", the editorial staff who is not good at the hot things I was shouting "Spicy! I was eating something if I could go. However, because there is cheese, the fragrance of the rice oil weakens, so if you want to eat larceny, you can choose normal one, those who do not like spicy oils may prefer choosing cheeseburger .

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