Movie running "Debug mode" where you can see Mewtwo and Mew with Pokemon GO

In Pokémon GO (Pokemon GO), among 151 kinds of Pokemon, Pokemon which is not found from anyone in the world exists. Movie confirming by activating "Debug mode" such as Thunder · Fire · Freezer · Mewtwo · Mew etc. which is unconfirmed such Pokemon is uploaded to YouTube.

Pokémon GO debug menu v1.3.0 - YouTube

When I started the application of Pokemon GO, a preliminary warning was displayed.

Move to play screen.

After looking around all around ... ....

Launch the menu.

Once you close the menu ......

Launch the menu again.

Then we got into a debugging mode in which unfamiliar text was lined up. A number such as "pm0001" seems to represent the number of Pokemon book.

When "pm0151" is opened, Rua Pokemon's Miu which will never have seen anyone appeared.

There are seven commands under Pokemon, which seems to be able to emulate movements such as "attack" and "when damaged".

The movement of Miu when it is knocked down in the game against Jim.

You can also display as many as 151 kinds of Pokemon as much as you want ....

That "Mewtwo" also appeared.

Attack motion

When knocked down it is like this.

It is also possible to go close. Mewtwo has not been found yet,Official MovieThere may be an event of "Please defeat Mewtwo and get it", so it may appear in events where more than one trainer can participate.

"Thunder" which is also said to be the legendary Pokemon and ...

"Freezer" also appeared. Since the operation method to start the debug mode is not described on YouTube, it is impossible to judge whether it is fake or not.Reddit suggests that you found an operation methodAlthough there is, the exact procedure of operation is not known. There was also a voice saying "Please shoot screenshots or video of METAMON!" Instead of a step in part.

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