A fierce person who launches "Windows XP" on iPhone 7 appeared, and a movie containing a slide action was released

PC / AT compatible machineThe emulator "BochsOriginal emulator improved based on "IBox 2.6.8By using "Apple iPhone 7, the latest device of iPhone 7, movies running Windows XP are released.

Windows XP on the iPhone 7! - YouTube

The first projected is an ordinary iPhone.

By using the screen displayed by "Setting" → "General" → "Home button", it means that the movie is not displayed on the screen.

Next, confirm the terminal information from "Setting" → "General" → "Information". The installed OS is iOS 10.2.1

Then return to the home screen and start "iBox 2.6.8" which was installed on the iPhone as an application.

Tap "Windows XP" on the startup screen.

Then the screen turns black and only the keyboard is displayed.

Shake the terminal sideways, when the keyboard disappears ... ....

The startup screen of Windows XP was displayed on the screen.

"The old version of Windows seems to be because the emulated video card was only VGA."

About 2 minutes 17 seconds after startup the task bar and the start menu are displayed at the bottom of the screen ......

The icon on the desktop was displayed in about 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Swiping the screen moves the mouse cursor in the same way as finger moves.

Open something from the start menu as it is.

It was the control panel that opened, it also takes a while to display all this.

Open the "system" when the icon is displayed ......

Indicates that Windows XP is emulating on iPhone 7.

Close the window once, next ...

Launch the calculator. Indicates that you can use software firmly on iPhone.

After that, open the Windows power option from the start menu ......

Select shutdown.

At shutdown, the icon on the desktop disappears first, and when the taskbar disappears, the display disappears completely in reverse order from the time of startup.

I am publishing moviesHacking JulesIt is a user called "Windows 7 in the past on smart watch" and the movie containing the starting method was released and it became a hot topic.

Appeared burgers who launched Windows 7 on smart watch, start time is about 3 hours - GIGAZINE

Hacking Jules is publishing the source code of iBox 2.6.8 on GitHub, so check it out if you are interested.

GitHub - Enthri / iBox - 2: Bochs 2.6.8 for iOS

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