Successfully installing and starting Windows 95 on Apple Watch

IPadYaIPhoneA shocking movie that starts up Windows 95 in the past has appeared in the past, but also installing & launching Windows 95 to "Apple Watch" of Apple product, so that you can operate Windows 95 with touch screen The bizarre who has done is appearing.

I installed Windows 95 on my Apple Watch - YouTube

The start screen of Windows 95 is displayed on the screen of Apple Watch ... ....

The nostalgic Windows 95 logo has appeared.

The screen blackouts and an hourglass icon is displayed indicating "Waiting".

The screen turns to pure blue ......

After waiting for a while, an icon such as My Computer and a menu bar were displayed.

Operation is done by swiping the screen of Apple Watch.

However, the response speed of Windows 95 is very slow, it only takes a long time to open the start menu, and it seems necessary to wait for a while to display the contents of the start menu.

Finally the start menu was opened, swipe the screen and operate the menu.

In somehow, we succeeded in displaying the "program" menu from the start menu.

While enduring slow operation, select "Accessory" menu and open ......

It seems that you can start some game from the "Game" menu.

However, the action to close the start menu is also nothing.

When finally thinking that the game window was displayed, a dark blue bar is displayed at the top of the screen first ... ....

A window gradually appears from the top of the screen, a green window appears.

Furthermore, a pop-up window opens inside the green window.

Apparently the game "HeartsIt seems that it started up.

Attempts to install Windows 95 on Apple Watch are mobile terminal related design studioTendigiWhat was done. In the latter half of the 1990's, PC HDD capacity was 512 MB, Apple Watch has 512 MB of RAM, which was announced in 1985Intel 386 processorTendigi thought that using WatchKit app and trying to run Windows 95 with Apple Watch because the terminal is 25 times faster than that of Apple Watch's S1 processor. Incidentally,The code used is released free on GitHub.

Also, as a similar example, there is a Facebook developer who installed FPS's original "DOOM" in Apple Watch.

Here's Doom running on Apple TV and Apple Watch | VentureBeat | Business | by Mark Sullivan

Where you play "DOOM" with Apple Watch, you can see it in the following movie.

Doom on the Apple Watch - watchOS 2 - YouTube

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