Successfully launching Windows 95 on Xbox One

Microsoft has released the "Universal Windows Platform (UWP)" which allows Windows applications to be used even by devices of different sizes and specifications, and since the summer of 2016Windows 10 apps now work on Xbox OneIt is seen. Meanwhile, emulator to reproduce MS-DOS environment ·DOSBoxIt is on YouTube that you can start Windows software on Xbox One quickly and boot Windows 95 software and games quickly.

Dosbox UWP port running on Xbox One. - YouTube

On the screen of Xbox One, "xdosbox" is a name which is hard to read easily.

I thought that the square with the x mark appeared in the dark ... ...

The character "DOSBOX" appeared.

First of all, enter "C: \> imgmount a c: \ w95.img" "C: \> boot w95.img" ......

The nostalgic screen of Windows 95 appears on the upper left of the screen. For the time being, I did not change from this screen to the extent that I thought "It solidified?"

Microsoft ScanDisk is displayed ... ....

Loudly, the green screen spreads with movement as if blocks increase.

When the hourglass icon is displayed and is on standby, icons such as My Computer, Network Computer, Internet Explorer, etc. are displayed in addition to the Start button at the bottom left of the screen.

From the start screen ......

When you select an accessory, games, Internet tools, multimedia, system tools, calculators, etc. will gradually appear. The behavior looks pretty slow.

Finally I got a menu listing.

When you return to the menu screen, you can realize that Windows 95 is really running on Xbox One.


3D RealmsThe logo appears.

It is a pioneer presence of FPS "Duke Nukem 3D"Has started.

This is also a long loading that seems to be misunderstood as "got stuck?"

The game starts with a very relaxing action ... ...

The game progresses with chaotic movements.

I canceled the game and returned to the menu screen again.

I will advance the game again with full screen display.

Though it seems to be a strong enemy ... ...

The screen got dark.

For the rest, I changed the screen to buy the game.

Finally, the glitches game screen emulator "ZSNES" launch screen was reflected.

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