Application that displays video that can confirm forward on the screen of Pokemon GO "Camera that can see the front even if you look at the smartphone"

With the release of Pokémon GO (Pokemon GO), the number of people who are doing "walking smartphone" is increasing. Many users stopped stopping and playing each time, but because traffic accidents and violations caused by Pokemon GO are rapidly increasing, in TokyoPolice officers started control at the streetWe are showing movements such as doing. Not only in "walking smartphone" but also on the screen of the smartphone too much it is dangerous because I can not see the surrounding situation, but always display the image of the smartphone camera on the display and check the surroundings A free Android application "Camera that can see the front even if you look at itSince it appeared, I actually installed and used it.

Camera that can see the front even if you look at the smartphone - Android application on Google Play

"Camera that can see the front even if you look at the smartphone" can be installed free from Google Play.

Launch the application.

First you are asked for access to the camera, so tap "Permit".

The app itself has notes and start buttons, and attention such as "Walking smartphone is not recommended" is written.

Scroll down and tap "OK (launch)" because there is a button.

Then it returns to the home screen, and a small window of the camera is displayed in the middle.

Once you start Pokemon GO it looks like this. You can slide the camera screen and place it anywhere you like.

Just as Evei appeared, when I tapped it, the screen turned like sandstorm as I was in AR mode as it was in the note.

When AR mode is turned off, it seems that you can see the front without problems.

This application does not recommend walking smartphone, but the screen is too small in the first place and it is difficult to move while confirming the course on this screen. On the other hand, when notification arrives due to the appearance of Pocket Stop or Pokemon, it is possible to check the surrounding situation when stopping and watching the application, or it will understand somehow whether the signal has changed while waiting for the signal It may be convenient to say convenience.

In the explanation of the application, it was said that a warning will be issued if the face is recognized, but there was no sound or effect. The terminal I used was Galaxy S6, but it might work on another terminal. On the other hand, "Camera that can see the front even if you look at the smartphone" is a drawback that when you use it with Pokemon GO, the terminal becomes unusually hot, and the application is forcibly terminated immediately. Since the idea is not bad, if you do not care about that idea, there is no loss even if you put the application for the time being.

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