Characters in TV jump out of the screen and move around "Television to jump out"

Like the ring Sadako characters move out of the TV screen and move around "Pop-up TV"is. It is fundamentally different from technology that used stereoscopic function like 3D TV and Nintendo 3DS that was popular for a while,Augmented realityIt is a technology aiming at a new image production method using AR (AR).

Exhibit item T 2 protruding television | NHK Institute of Technology Opening 2014 - Kokoro moving technology -

"Jumping out television" is held at NHK Technical Research Institute from May 29th to June 1stNHK Institute of Technology OpenYou can experience it.

There was one TV and tablet in the booth.

With this TV,T-chanI'm playing a catch ball ... ....

It is! Is it?

When you are watching TV only, Ta - chan has disappeared from the screen, but when you see the tablet, T - chan comes out from the TV screen and picks up the ball and throws it back to the game cart.

Today, I do not go back to the TV screen and go around the TV.

Another woman is playing golf together with a cartoon ... ...

Suddenly the cartoon pops out of the screen.

How come the character comes out of the television? There are two gimmicks hidden in this. The first one is the four markers that are always displayed at the four corners of the TV screen.

By capturing these four markers with the camera of the tablet's camera, it is decided at which position of the image displayed on the tablet screen CG is displayed.

Then, it is determined by the moving marker occasionally displayed at the lower left of the screen which CG should be displayed "on the screen of the tablet" so that the CG appears as if the CG pops out from the TV screen That's it.

Having a smartphone or tablet all the time is hard, but as wearable devices such as Google Glass become popular, the way that these images are directed may increase.

◆ TV turned on
There was a similar experience-type exhibition "Sawaru TV" beside the booth of the "jump-out TV".

Exhibit item T1 Television to be towered | NHK Institute of Technology Open 2014 - Kokoro moving technology -

Television is said to be able to feel like if you are experiencing TV images by applying the tactile presentation technology and receiving the magnitude and acceleration of vibrations in the video at the terminal at hand.

There is a TV here ... ...

I will pass this bag. This is OK if you connect to a smartphone installed with a special application and use it.

There is a transparent case in this ... ...

Furthermore, a black device inside it receives the vibration information in the video from the application and vibrates at hand.

It also comes with speakers, and the sound also flows according to the picture.

It is said that it analyzes the magnitude and acceleration of the vibration from the sound in the image and reproduces it at hand, but when I actually used it, I felt as if I was using the Wii remote control.

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