A technology that can simulate 'anywhere door' can be experienced in Japan first public with digital content EXPO 2014

TakekobutaYaTime MachineOne of the classic secret utensils in the classic that comes out in Doraemon such as "Anywhere door"is. Actually, it is not going to be warp ...... using the door everywhere, but head mounted display "Samsung Gear VRUsing a system that will let you simulate a door-like warp anywhereProno Hearts, Inc.WhenEXCEY CorporationButDigital content EXPO 2014It is now open to the public. I went to the booth to experience the future.


When I went to the booth first in the morning as Japan's first public release, I was not ready yet and I could not experience the door anywhere.

People at the booth showed us the structure of the door everywhere. Head mounted display "Samsung Gear VR" used for experiencing the door everywhere this is.

By attaching this to the head and displaying different visibility in all directions, it seems like an experience like "anywhere door" that makes me feel like I went somewhere else.

The image of the head mounted display uses a smartphone.

First of all, "AnywhereDoor (Anywhere Door)" application screen is displayed.

Tap to launch the app.

After a few seconds, the screen was split into two at the center, and the screen where two same images can be seen came out.

With this screen on the screen, set the smartphone to Samsung Gear VR.

In this way, we attach a head mount display on which the screen display is displayed on the smartphone to the head.

I saw other booths until I was ready and I went to the door booth anywhere in the afternoon and there was a queue.

On the TV screen, image image flowing when Samsung Gear VR was attached was flowing.

An attention note has been stuck in front of the door anywhere. Because there is a possibility that you may get drunk by watching images, it was that "Please do not use children under 13 years old."

Tap the head mounted display, tap the goggle side part and tell the place you want to go, the screen changes and you can experience a warping experience. If you call "Doraemon" something is going to happen.

Although there were about five people in front, I was able to enter the room in less than 20 minutes waiting.

When I entered the room, a staff member with head mounted display appeared.

Green cloth is used in the room, it is slightly dark.

Attach the head mounted display immediately, try to experience door-like anywhere.

After installation, move the silver part above and adjust the focus.

Using the head mounted display, you can see the situation when you are experiencing the door anywhere in the following movie

"Samsung Gear VR" wearing "Experience anywhere door" experience - YouTube

When you attach the head mount display, the place you want to go first appears on the screen. Talking about the place you want to go and say in this, 360 degrees all screens are switched.

The picture on this screen is Hawaii. When this head mount display is attached, this image spreads in all directions.

When looking upward, the sky etc is looked up ... ...

When turning to the side, another visibility appeared again. It is quite a surprise that omnidirectional images spread and the view changes as the neck moves.

I had my staff take a picture of what they were experiencing.

Since the image is spreading in all directions when the head mounted display is attached, the image entering the field of view will also move when turning to the left.

Tap the part of the goggle after tapping, and when you see the place you want to go and see on the screen and put it in words, the picture will change. Since all fields of vision are switched, although there are some parts that are difficult to communicate without actually experiencing it, this received a considerable surprise. Finally called "Doraemon", Doraemon appeared in sight, this is also surprising.

I do not mean "I can experience the door perfectly anywhere", but by attaching a head mounted display, I was able to experience somewhere warped by expanding the field of view to all directions. Although it seems a bit overkill to use the name "anywhere door", it is a technology that you want to experience once by all means.

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