Life-size Zaku appeared in Shizuoka following Gundam, but head only

It appeared in 2009 and surprised the world, after deployment in Odaiba was deployed in ShizuokaLife-size large GundamBut this time the head of the life - size Zaku,The 50th Shizuoka Hobby ShowIt appeared in. A red version of the Shiazak specification seems to have already appeared in various hobby shows, but this time it appeared in Shizuoka is Zaku II version of green.

Photos and movies of 1/1 Zaku are from the following.The 50th Shizuoka Hobby Show

When I was watching Bandai's booth, a huge Zaku head was displayed and a sign of "1/1 ZAKU II" was standing by the side.

Viewed from the front.

A mono eye lighted up after a while.

The pipe on the right side is damaged.

The code passing through the pipe is reproduced exactly.

You can see traces of the shot.

This is a cord on the back of the head.

The damage expression is really real.

Left side. A mono eye sees this.

From the diagonally back side.

The manner of hit is not uniform, and you can also see the crackling strike marks that gently wrap the round head.

The movie below shoots the lighting of the mono eye and the movement to the left and right. The sound also sounds when lit.

YouTube - The 50th Shizuoka Hobby Show 1/1 Sach Head

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