Gundam model "Gundam Barbatos Rupus" of "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans" in which an anime's design is added

From 2 October 2016 "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans"Broadcast of Phase 2 startsIt will be. Along with the start of the broadcasting Bandai from iron bloody Orphens Gundam is going to appear, one of the "1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Barbatos Ruptus"Was exhibited at the 56th All Japan Model Hobby Show which is being held at Tokyo Big Sight.

Event - Bandai Hobby Site

Gundam Model Kits "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans" series

Arrived at the exhibition corner of the Iron Blood at the Bandai booth.

This is "1/100 Full Mechanical Gundam Barbatos Ruptus" and on the right you have Sword Mace.

Mechanical designers responsible for the official setting draw down the details. For that reason new details such as "armored joint part", "access panel", "place containing hook for tie-down" not added in animation setting are added. Since the body of the mobile suits can move, it is possible to reproduce poses in the works. The image Gundam Barbatos Ruptus is wearing on the right hand is a 200mm artillery.

If you look closely, the panel lines are solidly drawn, and the three-dimensionality is increasing.

This is a frame developed exclusively for Barbatos Rups, which is used for 1/100 full mechanics Gundam Barbatos.

The head of the frame is the Gundam itself.

This is a half of the plastic model looking out. I can see how the frame is built in.

Looking from behind like this. Detail which was not in animation setting is also added to the back.

In addition, "1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Barbatos Ruptus" will be released on November 30, 2016.

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