The legendary Pokemon "Sorga Leo" and "Luna Arra" of the latest Pokemon "Sun Moon" come down to this world before release

Pokémon latest work "Pocket Monster Sun Moon" will be released on November 18, 2016. According to the release, legendary Pokemon appearing in Sun Moon "Sorgaleo"When"Lunarara"Appeared in Bandai's Pokepra series. That Sol Galeo and LunarraThe 56th All Japan Hobby ShowIt was on display at.

Event - Bandai Hobby Site

Pokemon Plastic Model Collection - Bandai Hobby Site

I came to Bandai's Pokepra booth.

The legendary Pokemon "Sorga Leo" called the beast to eat the sun

It features a mane that spreads widely and like the sun.

Foot part

From the back, you can see that the tail faces Kling and the top.

The moon activist "Luna Arra" of the existence contrasting with Sorgaroo is also a plastic model. It features wings like a crescent moon.

The head also uses a crescent moon motif, with its red eyes shining in its center.

It is also possible to take a pose as if attacking by moving wings.

Looking at it from the front.

Behind the scenes.

Pokepra's "Sorga Leo" and "Luna Arara" are scheduled to be released on November 19, one day after the release from "Pocket Monster Sun Moon". Each price is 1026 yen including tax.

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