Pokemon and Tekken realized a dream collaboration Action "Poken Fist POKKÉN TOURNAMENT"

Not only in Japan but popular games all over the world "Pocket Monster" and 3D type fighting fighting game "Tekken Series" collaborate beyond the game genre "POKKÉN TOURNAMENT","Japan Amusement Expo 2015As I was exhibiting it, I saw what kind of game it was finished.

Poc Fist

Bandai Namco Games where Pochu is on display.

A gorgeous signboard draws an eye.

Pochu 's attention is pretty high, so I can queue waiting for 30 minutes in the test run.


At the top of the main body is a familiar Pokemon such as Pikachu.

The screen is third person viewpoint.

The controller is equipped with a four-way controller and a button. It is similar to that of a so-called stationary game machine.

The operation method is like this, there are also powerful techniques such as resonance burst and burst attack.

The bottom of the controller emits red during play.

In fact you can see how it feels when you play "Poppen POKKÉN TOURNAMENT" from the movie below.

Feeling where you are playing "Poppen POKKÉN TOURNAMENT" - YouTube

The basic rule of the game is a round system, victory by two preemption.

In addition to the resonance burst, there are also techniques called "Phase change" and "Attack 3 Sukumi".

Technical chart of Rukalio · Pikachu · Suicune · Kaiki · Sarnite. It is refreshing feeling that you can unravel your familiar skills with your own operation.

In addition, "Poppen POKKÉN TOURNAMENT" will appear around the summer of 2015.

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