A local interview report that can clearly understand the overwhelming scale 3D projection mapping which projected the image to the Gundam of a total length of 18 m

It began in 2013Tokyo Gundam ProjectAs a new project of the project, the overwhelming image was projected on the full-length Gundam with a total length of 18 m with "TOKYO Gundam Project 2014 Gundam Projection Mapping "Industrial Revolution" - to the future -". From the past where the industrial revolution occurred to the future coexisting with nature, the image made a motive of the flow of energy that evolves organicly, and it was saying the scale and it was overwhelmingly finished as saying the degree of completion.

The state of actual projection mapping can be confirmed from the following movie.

3D projection mapping projected images to Gundam with a total length of 18 m - YouTube

Arrived at Diversity Tokyo Plaza.

There is a full-size Gundam is a festival square.

The full length Gundam of 18 m in length is like this.

Behind the scenes.

A state seen from the side is like this.

There was a projector in front of the Gundam statue.

The situation that the image is actually projected to the full size Gundam is as follows. Countdown on the wall of Diversity Tokyo Plaza was displayed, and the eyes of Gundam shone out sharply.

A line runs throughout the Gundam body ... ...

Laser beam from behind.

The body looks like this.

My chest glows shimmer.

The color changes steadily.

It looks like she was wrapped in flames.

Light moves like a living thing.

It looks like the surface of Gundam is transparent.

It changes to a more cyber atmosphere.

My arms are covered with plants ......

Next time, the body of Gundam will be covered with green.

Flowers bloom, unification with nature.

And again to a mechanic atmosphere.

It is overwhelming.

And at the end the various images so far are projected on the body of the Gundam ... ...

The light spreads out at the back of the Gundam and it ends.

In the venue, you can reproduce the projection mapping projected on the full size Gundam on the palm of your handHako Vision Limited Edition GUNDAM in DAIBA"Was also exhibited.

This is a limited version of the projection mapping.

The price is 500 yen without tax, it is on sale from March 20th.

Besides gums, there are figures and clear plates in them.

With such a feeling, set up a figure and a clear plate in the box, put the smartphone on the box and display the image.

It is possible to reproduce the image projected on the full size Gundam on the palm of your hand.

"Hako Vision Limited Edition GUNDAM in DAIBA" will be on sale at Gundam Front Tokyo and Gundam Café Diversity Tokyo Plaza store from 20th March.

(C) Sobu / Sunrise

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