The aim is "TV watching by hand", a force sense presentation device which gives a stimulus to a finger and shows a virtual shape and a tactile display

If there is vision hindrance, you can not get 2D information like 'map' or 3D information such as 'art piece' from the eyes. For those people, NHK is developing a force sense presentation device that can convey the shape of the virtual object with a sense close to the real thing, and a tactile display that shows important places in the figure simply by touching it.

Exhibit item 16 Haptic sense / force sense presentation technology of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional information | NHK Institute of Technical Research Open No. 2013

Expressing what you are aiming for in one word "TV watching by hand"

Tactilely convey information that can not be expressed by words.

First, "5 point distribution stimulation type force sense presentation device that reproduces virtual objects with multiple stimuli". By stimulating five points of the fingertip, it is a device that can obtain the same force sense as when actually touching with your finger.

A conventional one-point contact force sense presentation device looks like this

When you set your finger at the tip of the device, when you trace the virtual object, you feel resistance at the ridgeline of the object and at the sharp point.

The stimulation to the finger makes it easier to grasp the characteristic if the score is high. The point of this equipment is 5 points.

I will insert your finger here.

I feel the jagged feeling of teeth and the feeling of crisp eyes where I am touching virtual hammer shown on display on the right side.

This is "interactive tactile display that can vibrate at any location"

Display that informs the seismic intensity of the earthquake by vibration. Although the Tohoku region is an example here, the seismic intensity differs from prefecture to prefecture, and it is conveying it by different vibration also in vibration display.

The place which I actually touched is like this.

Present seismic intensity of data broadcasting by vibration @ NHK STRL Public 2013 - YouTube

Here is the vibration presentation on an object basis. An example is a floor plan of a station.

Vibration presentation by object @ NHK Giken Public 2013 - YouTube

At the end, vibration presentation by hue. If it is a tsunami warning, the coastal area is red, if the tsunami warning is reported, it is displayed in orange, but that difference is shown.

Detects hue and presents vibration @NHK STRL Public 2013 - YouTube

I am planning to advance research aiming at realizing television that can touch "figures" delivered by data broadcasting and virtual art objects etc in the future. A part of this research is being carried out jointly with the University of Tokyo.

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