A force sense presentation system aiming at "touched television" to reproduce the shape and hardness of a solid

Speaking of TV, it is a media that listens to eyes with eyes and enjoying images, but by adding elements on tactile sense to this, it is difficult to tell by wordsFeel of thingsTechnology is being developed to enable viewers to be informed,NHK Giken Open 2014You can participate in the demonstration of the device under development at.

Display item 15 Haptic sense presentation technology conveying cubes and figures | NHK Institute of Technology Grant 2014 ~ Kokoro Movement Technology ~

In this booth, "Hardness Distribution Measurement Apparatus" for measuring the shape and hardness of the solid and "Haptic Presentation System" for reproducing those data are displayed.

The long line was made in the booth because "I can touch objects in the TV".

This is the hardness distribution measuring device. It is a device that generates ultrasonic waves, applies pressure to the object, and measures the change with laser to estimate the hardness of the object.

Ultrasonic waves are emitted from the black part ... ...

Measure the amount of displacement with a red laser.

Measurement results are displayed like this, the left picture is the real picture, the middle is the shape of the solid scanned, and the right is the hardness data of the solid measured. It is possible to measure firmly up to the part hardened by the fire in the middle of egg yolks.

And by reproducing the measured data with this multipoint stimulus force sense presentation device, it will convey a tactile sense that can not be transmitted by words.

When actually touching, fix the finger to the force sense presentation device and move your finger to touch the fried egg image displayed on the display OK. As a comment that I actually experienced, I had no experience of touching freshly baked fried egg with a feeling like "fried eggs are such a touch of ... feeling like?" And so it has become an indescribable impression It was.

However, when asking the researchers who were in the exhibition space, it is not the actual fried eggs but the fried eggs of fried eggs that were placed next to the equipment. Touching this was certainly a touch that looked exactly like fried eggs that were touched by the force sense presentation device.

In addition, it is difficult for this force sense presentation device to reproduce the tactile sensation for a soft object rather than a hard object.

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