Why is "laser bacon" necessary to cook bacon by laser irradiation?

A movie that closely watched a mysterious effort to irradiate a laser to cook bacon is published on YouTube. Why is the laser bacon taking time to cook and not sure whether it is delicious or not? Why is it made seriously by researcher's hands? If you look at the movie, the idea of ​​"getting rid of your limitations" behind it It is becoming better to understand.

Food Hacking: Laser Bacon - YouTube

Bacon that laser is irradiated for some reason.

Sniff the smell of laser irradiated bacon ... ...

The movie starts from the appearance of a male who leaves a mysterious comment that "smells of the dentist".

As can be seen from the men at the beginning, the stage of the movie is Tokyo in Japan.

Pinch the sashimi's horse with chopsticks ......

Simon · Close says he is eating with pakuri. Mr. Closed is a documentary film director from Sweden, this time on YouTube's channel that features topics on world food "MUNCHIESWe will cover about unique food efforts in Japan.

Every year in Tokyo, events for people who like craftsMaker Faire TokyoWill be held.

A robot that moves over the desk ... ...

People can ride and maneuverSkeletonicsSuch.

A lot of people gathered at the venue.

In that I met a man who loves machining.

And together with a computer scientist male, this time we tried combining the "how to eat meat in Japan" and the technology, to create the possibility that no one tried until now.

Meeting the common sense of cooking and wanting to try out his own idea, it is the Meiji University Department of Advanced Media Science Department of Mathematical SciencesKentaro FukuchiAssociate professor. It seems to challenge the new way of "food" by combining common food "Bacon", the technology "laser cutter", and "Japanese meat of raw meat".

Mr. Fukuchi wandering the supermarket.

With bacon in hand ......

Close will arrive on our way home.

I arrived in Nakano "Garage laboratory"

He is also a craftsman and a film producerKoji TakaiSaid, "I like to move hands by myself when I was a child and like to make something", and now I am doing a wide range of activities such as video, writing, modeling and events as DIY freelance I will.

In the words of Mr. Closed saying "How shall we do?", We decided to pour bacon into the dish immediately.

Take a picture with a peek ... ...

We will take it in the computer.

In this time, I will irradiate the laser only to the portion of white grease to make it "baked", leave the meat part as "raw" without applying laser.

Create a heat map by coloring only the part to which laser is applied.

Mr. Fukuchi says "Beautiful."

While controlling it with a computer, I will irradiate the laser immediately.

What are you usingHAJIMEMetal is impossible with a laser cutter, but you can cut wood, acrylic, paper and so on.

What actually cut it is kore.

Mr. Fukuchi who raises a voice saying "up" while looking at work.

"That?" And Ms. Takai also raised a voice, it seems that there was something wrong.

Once we stop the laser, we say "I have forgotten Lego ..." and we will also install an L-shaped Lego block.

It seems that the irradiation position of bacon has shifted because the LEGO block was not installed. Originally it was supposed to heat only the fat portion, but it seems that the lean portion has been heated up.

So I will start over again.

The range that the laser can irradiate at one time is narrow and it is necessary to move the laser many times along the X axis and the Y axis, so it is very difficult for the laser cooking method to take time, Mr. Fukuchi.

"Laser Cooking Method" which takes time and does not know whether results conform to the effort may seem odd at first sight, and some people wonder "Why purposely cook with laser?"

However, cooking using electricity was also unthinkable in the past ... ...

It has become an indispensable item now.

If you use a laser, you can write letters on food.

George Orwell's "1984For example, Mr. Close commented to Mr. Fukuchi who said that the government may control the home toaster and eat toast with propaganda burned, Mr. Close says "It feels bad".

It seems that bacon was completed in the middle of that.

As intended, let the laser irradiate only the fat portion of bacon, lean leaves raw.

Using a laser cutter seems to be able to create a unique mechanism for baked paste.

When I irradiate the laser for baking, ...

A baking grill mapping where to put ingredients is completed. Now I can not draw fine letters and pictures such as kanji yet, but as technology improves, it is possible to make baked pastry which explained all processes that should be done with letters and pictures.

"I do not know anything but it became cute," so the unwinding using laser-irradiated glue was completed.

The place changed and Maker Faire Tokyo was held in November 2014.

Takai, smiling and answering "What is Maker Faire Tokyo?" Asked, "A festival for those who like too much work".

Something fluttering in the venue ......

It is moving.

Everyone seems to have fun anyway.

Mr. Takai was exhibiting unique plant growing equipment in the venue.

It is said to be controlled to circulate water in the equipment and keep constant temperature and humidity.

The inside of the device looks like this.

"It looks like a modular synthesizer in the 1970s, why did you make it like this?" To Mr. Closed ...

"MoogBecause I like! "Takai-san.

In the garage lab, I will also use vegetables raised by Takai.

Put cheese on top of the vegetables. Irradiate the laser.

Put food using a laser cutter on a plate ......

Assorted laser hood platter. "Something weird like a microwave oven entered the kitchen for the first time," says Fukuchi.

Taste time.

Close who eats pacri and laser bacon.

"Well, it's a bacon," as it is.

Mr. Takai said "It's bitter but a mystery" I talked about the difference with normal bacon.

"Since the experiment is still in the early stages, there is no need to be delicious than ordinary recipes, I am challenging to make a different taste than usual," says Mr. Fukuchi, "but not Michelin's chef , Normal people can do fun things by using such tools, "he said.

Mr. Fukuchi says, "Japan thinks that we are doing my best as to the fact that there is a strange potential there and that people buy somewhat expensive things to make strange things. I do not need to do it. "

Then, scoop up the laser cheese.

The texture and hardness are totally different from ordinary sliced ​​cheese, and that smells a little smoky. "This is interesting," Fukuchi says.

Japan is a free country, but tends to follow customs, people's daily lives are largely restricted in subconscious parts. Mr. Fukuchi explains that the act of "hacking food" is synonymous with "hacking on their own culture and oneself", and they are captured by attempts such as "combining laser cutter and bacon" It is possible to see things objectively.

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