Chainsaw · Robot that automatically cuts stumps and makes chairs

A robot programmed to cut out chairs from stumps was made in Germany. Although it is still in the stage of prototyping, the appearance that the robot was moved at the design event which actually took place in Germany is published on YouTube.

Kkaarrlls für Echtwald

The state that the chair is actually made by the robot is from the following movie.

Kkaarrlls für Echtwald - YouTube

This is a robot programmed to make chairs from stumps. There is no name on the robot, but the chair made is named "7 x Stool".

I will put the blade of the chainsaw into the stump.

I will steadily cut down while scattering wood powder.

Moving slowly around the stump ... ...


Two designers come close to the stump.

I picked up spots and chairs out of stumps.


The figure of a wooden block cut into a cylinder shape.

Another chair appeared from inside as soon as you peeled off the tree skin.

The finished chair isIt is like this.

The robot is an industrial universityKarlsruhe UniversityIt was designed by graduates Tibor Weissmahr and Tom Pawlofsky.

Movie is a design eventPassagen 2013It was like the performance performed at the event, and the chair completed during the event was sold to the audience who was there.

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