A future in which one 3D printer that outputs food is placed in one family

Massiveization of 3D printers is a way to promote industryIt changed a lotIn the future, 3D printers which output foods are thought to greatly change the way of food and food. Once at Star TrekReplicatorWas using food as a material as a material, I wonder if such a future will come,Digital TrendsIt is summarized.

3D Food Printers: How They Could Change What You Eat | Digital Trends

Even if you say "food 3D printer" in a word, its kind is various. For example, by adding water, sugar, flavor, coloring agent, you can make candies and sugar confections of various shapes, colors and flavorsChefJetWill output fine grain of sugar in a thin layer and create a candy with a geometric shape.

It is possible to make various kinds of sugar confectionery such as round type and square type.

Complex shape where the ball is confined in the cube.

It looks like a colorful and toy.

AlsoChoc EdgeIs a 3D printer that outputs chocolate as a syringe and draws a beautiful pattern.

Although the output is 2D, it is also possible to shape three-dimensional by combining it.

A rabbit with a heart.

Rabbits and others who went into the heart.

Meanwhile, Kickstarter of Cloud Funding Platform solicited funds and made a fantastic commercializationFoodiniIs a type that can output various foods such as pizza and cookies when capsules contain fresh ingredients. The following pictures are printed by Foodini.

However, since Foodini does not have a heating function, it is necessary to heat the output food separately.

Emilio Sepulveda, CEO of Natural Machines that develops Foodini, said, "There is still much time to develop something like a replicator that appears in Star Trek, although it is a 3D printer of food that has evolved in various ways It will take. "

However, there are also places where practical application has already begun, such as the start of provision of food output by 3D printers at the nursing home in Germany. It is difficult for older people to chew hard objects, but puree-like food that is offered saying "There is no need to chew" does not appetite and there are people who are malnourished . However, because the food called "smooth food" outputted with a 3D printer using mashed carrots and broccoli is rich in flavor, it seems that 1000 meals of daily food are provided every day in facilities in the USA.

In addition, a restaurant vocational school in New YorkCulinary Institute of America(CIA) has partnered with 3D Systems which develops ChefJet, cooperates with each other to beta test ChefJef, and 3D Systems prepares internship for CIA students. Using a 3D printer also makes it possible to make artistic foods that could not be made by past sweets craftsmen, and it is expected that the method of creating a wedding cake using sugar confectionery will change dramatically.

In addition, the food designersChloé RutzerveldCreated a food that mushrooms and sprouts grew gluttonily from spherical crackers output by 3D printers.

This is the appearance of mushrooms and sprouts breaking up from crackers.

It is small enough to be completely wrapped in the palm of your hand.

Edible GrowthFood called so-called 3D printer enables a mechanism to complete the food after a lapse of time, and the possibility that 3D printers will greatly change the food industry, including how to ship food in the future I showed it to be.

You can check how the Edible Growth is actually outputted from the following movie.

3D-printing with living organisms "could transform the food industry" on Vimeo

Some researchers claim that food 3D printers can reduce food waste.Netherlands TNO Applied Science InstituteDr. Van Bommel who works forWormwoodSucceeded in crushing and making cookies, "Although it dislikes people to be in the form of insects, if you can cook them, you can eat it," the possibility of using what you could not use as food until now It shows. People tend to be extremely conservative in terms of food and only tend to talk about things they have eaten so far, but 3D printers taste deliciously what people feel is "not appetizing" You can do that.

We can not support the entire population on the earth with what is now considered "food", so we need to change the perception of "food". In this regard, we will develop a 3D printer that outputs pizzaSystems and Materials Research CorporationAnajan Contract who works as an engineer in "believes that the time to" make food with capsules in powder and oil "will come, and 3D printers can not only reduce waste of food, but also solve food problems in developing countries I believe.

Furthermore, if domestic food 3D printers become widespread, it helps to reduce the amount of chemical additives in the diet, and by outputting food using the necessary nutrients, the food optimized for that person It is also possible to provide.

Although it is a 3D printer with great potential, of course the road to practical use is not easy. Outputting food is more difficult than outputting plastics, although devices using sugar, bread dough, chocolate etc. are born, it seems that it will take time to commercialize 3D printers that make meat etc. .

Also, it is a matter of whether consumers prefer it or not because it is actually possible to output meat with a 3D printer.GlobalMeatNews.comAccording to a survey, only 34% of respondents said they wanted to eat meat outputted by 3D printers. Also in the cooking world, there are many reactions to people who have the idea that "food and printing should not be used as one" or those who think that "fast food will be 3D printed".

However, when a microwave oven appeared on the market for the first time, nobody showed an understanding, but now it has penetrated the home as an indispensable thing. Although it is a 3D printer that can not make delicious dishes yet, it is necessary to add work by human's hands, evolution is progressing year by year, and as in the case of a microwave oven, a "one in a family" 3D printer is placed The possibility that a blanching day will come is also fully conceivable.

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