It is possible that NASA will contribute pizza making company in 3D print, the day when pizza will be burned in space

ByMike Licht

Space foodSpeaking of freeze-dried food, retort foods and canned foods are common, but in the future it may be possible to burn pizza in space.

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NASA manufactures 3D printers that can output pizza in 2013Systems and Materials Research CorporationWe invested 125 thousand dollars (about 12.8 million yen). Although it became clear that NASA is seriously considering baking pizza in space, it is finally finished the prototype of a 3D printer that can burn "Space Pizza" and it is said that it has entered the testing stage It is that. The appearance of the prototype baking the pizza can be confirmed in the following movie.

Full Pizza Print - YouTube

This space pizza 3D printer adopts a mechanism that burns the dough by the hot plate on the bottom simultaneously with outputting the cloth layer. After outputting the dough, we will output tomato sauce and cheese, and the perfume is sprayed with a spray to improve the flavor and the pizza is completed. It is about 70 seconds to finish cooking after finishing 3D printing.

Space food is a very important factor for astronauts to facilitate space activities smoothly, according to Grace Douglas of NASA, the unspoiled space food seems to be hard to eat by the astronauts, the space It is an important matter to improve the taste of food. Pizza not only has enough nutritional ingredients such as protein and fat but also a nostalgic taste that astronauts can remember the earth, so space activities are going to be greatly crowded if realized as a space food.

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