Devices that can hug themselves and nurture self-love appeared


Before,A device that can be kissed over a lover and the Internet has appeared, and a long distance romantic strong friendI posted the article that, the same developer this time"A device that can embrace yourself"It is said that he developed. When I hug a humanoid mannequin, I feel that I can feedback the feeling of embracing to myself, so that I can taste the feeling of being embraced by myself.

DigInfo TV - A device that can embrace yourself

Where the developer himself demonstrates the device can be seen from the following movie.

YouTube - A device that can embrace yourself # DigInfo

Where I actually use "devices that can crush themselves".

I embrace the mannequin "Sence-Roid" with the sensor attached.

I will wear a jacket to receive feedback beforehand. The artificial muscle incorporated in the jacket receives feedback from the sensor, and it is able to hug myself. Such artificial muscles move when the arm is rotated from above the shoulder.

If you turn your hand to the waist, this artificial muscle reacts.

It feeds sensations in real time, so you can enjoy various embracing patterns.

Explanation of usage. Wearing a jacket, facing Sence-Roid, stroking, hugging and so on.

Then, the behavior of the experiencer is fed back through the sensor of Sence-Roid, the experiencer can taste the feeling that he is caressing himself by himself, and eventually noticed the comfort of the ultimate feedback of myself to myself , Self-love will be nurtured. "

A mechanism to reproduce the feeling of pressure that is hugged. The left is the sensor on the mannequin side, the right is the arrangement of the artificial muscle on the jacket side. The same position corresponds to each.

Not only the feeling of pressure but also the feeling of being stroked is fed back by the vibration device arranged in the jacket.

Developer Mr. Takahashi Takahashi of the University of Electro-Communications, Graduate School of Information and Media Systems, said, "Those who experienced this work are initially uncomfortable, but as they gradually become comfortable I think that you can think of application to use this system as a therapy.I am now inflated with artificial muscle but there is still room for improving the reproducibility of tactile sense, so a more realistic tactile presentation If possible, for example, application such as massage is thought, application which you can massage yourself where you want to massage can be considered, "he says about the future prospects of this device I will.

Looking at the place actually being used, it feels somewhat lonely, but it is a device that makes me feel the future as well as last time.

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