Study to track brain activity in real time and to overcome depression by giving optimal electrical stimulation for each patient

Depression andPost traumatic stress disorder(PTSD), and other such "treatment of the mind", therapies that give electrical stimulation to the brain are being studied. Australian researchers are trying to effectively treat depression by detecting the brain waves of patients in real time and exploring the optimal electrical stimulation at that moment.

Brain-stimulation trials get personal to lift depression

Dr. Paul Fitzgerald's research team at Monash University in Australia monitors the activity of the brain by attaching electrodes directly to the head and coordinates the activity of neurons by giving electric stimulation to the mental state of depressed patients We are promoting research to recover. Although it can be said that the method of giving electrical stimulation to such a brain is common, Dr. Fitzgerald's research is to give electrical stimulation to the detected brain wave. Previous studies have not adopted the method "give electrical stimulation according to subjects", and the subjects were given the same stimulus uniformly. However, it seems that it is often that a very effective electric stimulus is not very effective for another subject for a certain subject, and a pattern of optimal electric stimulation is searched for each subject.

Furthermore, in the research by Dr. Fitzgerald, the brain waves that detected the subject's brain activity and "Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS)"By using an electrical stimulation generator with high followability to changes in brain waves, real-time electrical stimulation therapy that changes the electrical stimulus according to the current brain wave pattern of the subject to bring out a higher effect It is said that it is being tried. He seems to try to ease mood disorders by looking for a stimulus that matches the severe manic depression of the ups and downs.

Associate Professor Kate Hui said that although personalized therapies that are tailored to the individual situation of individuals with depression are still areas that have just begun to be studied, there is a possibility of becoming a paradigm shift I feel that I feel. A research team at Monash University plans to conduct a test with depressed patients as subjects after confirming the safety and effectiveness of electrical stimulation therapy with about 80 healthy subjects in the next nine months.

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