A device that can be kissed over a lover and the Internet has appeared, and a long distance romantic strong friend

Due to the evolution of personal computers and mobile devices and the spread of large capacity lines such as optical fibers, people living far away can enjoy not only voice communication but also real-time communication with high quality video However, further stepping on "Devices able to kiss with lovers via the Internet" appeared.

Not only a couple in a long distance relationship but also a device that seems to respond to the needs of people who want to enjoy free-kissing "You, the people over the internet?"

Details are as below.
CNN.co.jp: Transmit "kiss" on the net The University of Electro-Communications has developed a new device

DigInfo TV - Tactile communication device focused on kissing

According to these articles, national university corporationResearch group of the Kajimoto laboratory at the University of Electro-CommunicationsIt seems that he succeeded in developing a haptic communication device targeting close friends such as a couple and a lover.

The device which was developed this time is a device aimed at getting a sense like communication in the oral cavity, a so-called "kiss", when holding one of the devices and turning it with the tongue, the other The device rotates in the same way.

This device is realized only by the rotation of the motor, the position of rotation is controlled via the PC. It adopts "bilateral control" which maintains the same position by mutual communication of information on rotation angle, and by constructing a system for exchanging information via the network, this operation is easily performed even at a remote place I can do it.

Also, since the information of the kiss can be recorded and reproduced, it is possible to reproduce the kiss repeatedly, so the research team is proposing how to use such as "popular talent delivers kisses to multiple fans" .

A movie that actually uses the device. Although it is not a very romantic sight, for a couple of a long distance relationship, etc., it seems to be possible to share a more realistic feeling with the other party by combining it with video chat etc.

YouTube - Haptic communication device focusing on kissing # DigInfo

To recreate a kiss, it is surprisingly much necessary to reproduce a kiss, such as the other's body temperature, tongue dampness, sneezing and sighing, opponent's smell ...... To reproduce a kiss, there are still many elements to reproduce a kiss completely Although it is not enough, it is an epoch-making technology that you can share feelings with other people who are away. I would like to expect further brush-up in the future.

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