Medicines and substances expected to be effective in stopping aging and rejuvenating to prolong life span

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A research facility where Google fights the aging phenomenon and old age disease "CalicoTo establish longevity and health at the genetic levelLarge scale researchAnd other researchers are progressing research on retarding aging all over the world, among which researchers are hoping forRapamycin·Metformin·ResveratrolThere are three drugs and substances.

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◆ Rapamycin
Rapamycin discovered in soil of Easter Island in 1965 is one of immunosuppressants. Experiments with mice were conducted in 2009, and it was confirmed that mice given rapamycin showed a longevity increase of 10 to 30% compared with mice without rapamycin. However, strong side effects such as cataract and testicular atrophy have been confirmed by mouse experiments, and research is still considered to be necessary as a drug to prevent aging and extend life span.

◆ Metformin
Metformin is one of oral diabetes remedies that controls the blood sugar level of patients who developed type 2 diabetes. British oncologist Dr. Michael Parock announced in 2007 that metformin has the effect of delaying the growth of cancer cells in the study. According to Dr. Polak, metformin is highly safe in use, and it is the closest to the clinical trial implementation among medicines considered to retard aging.


Although the clinical trial of metformin has been sent off in the United States once, if it is carried out and the clinical trial goes well, it is possible that it may be sold as "a medicine for aging accompanying aging". Why not selling it as "medicine to prevent aging" rather than "age-related disease medicine" is because the US Food and Drug Administration, which permits and regulates medicines, does not recognize aging as a disease, " It seems that it can not affix the label of aging prevention drug. Dr. Polak said that although Metformin is safe, "Since the probability of side effects is not zero, it takes a lot of time to put it into practical use as a pharmaceutical product."

◆ Resveratrol
Resveratrol is an antioxidant substance contained in red wine, grape skin, dark chocolate, and so on. Although it has been confirmed that not only flies and fish but also experiments using mice have an effect of prolonging the life span, it is not recognized whether human beings have the same effect or not.

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Dr. Judith Campici at the Institute for Back Aging Phenomena said, "This news stuck a lot of media when resveratrol showed a lifespan extension effect, but to take medicated resveratrol from wine I have to drink as much wine as I can destroy the liver.There are a lot of exaggerated information about resveratrol circulating, but in reality there are still many experiments and studies are necessary. " Did.

Although there are drugs and substances that are recognized to retard aging or prolong the life span, it will take more time to reach the level that can actually be put into practical use.

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