Tesla's automatic driving "Autopilot" saves human lives

In the automatic operation mode "auto pilot" installed in EV sold by Tesla,Traffic accident occurred in a row while automatic drivingIt is reported as, actuallyDeath accident occurredThere was also a thing I was doing, but this time it is reported that the autopilot mode has led to the saving of human life.

Self-driving Tesla SUV saves Branson man's life

"Tesla Model X auto pilot saved his life" is Joshua Neely, who lives in Missouri, USA. Mr. Neely, a lawyer, was hit by a sudden illness while returning from his office to his home, but by chance he also said that autopilot mode was on and he was able to survive successfully.

A movie that talks about Mr. Neely's accident occurrence here.

Mr. Neely purchased Tesla's "Model X" in July 2016. "This is the ultimate gadget - I thought it was the coolest technology I've ever seen, and I have not even thought that I could possess it myself", sometimes my life was saved It looks like a favorite favorably.

A few weeks after purchasing Model X, Modulation came to Mr. Neely 's body while he was returning home from his work on the birthday of his daughter through the highway "Interstate Route 65".

Mr. Neely looking back at the time when the accident occurred "I was hit by pain that I had never experienced." At that time, what happened to Mr. Neely's body is that blood vessels clogged in the lungs' blood vesselsPulmonary embolismIt was a symptom called. This disease causes severe pain and dyspnea, and in the worst case it is a serious disease with the risk of losing life.

However, autopilot mode was on when an accident occurred. In this mode, it is not said that you will automatically pilot to your destination, but continue running so that it does not extend beyond the road you are currently running, brakes automatically when there is a danger of collision It is supposed to stop.

In addition, if it is inferred that the driver has fallen into an unconscious state, it is said that it also has a function to automatically stop on the shoulder. Luckily, Mr. Neely kept awareness, but I was not in a state where I could concentrate on driving, so I drove the autopilot to drive and traveled on the expressway until the symptoms calmed down. After that, I managed to drive by myself to an emergency hospital in a few blocks from the highway and managed to get through.

Mr. Neely says that the autopilot has saved his life. If the autopilot could not be used, there was a possibility that we stopped the car on the shoulder and waited for the arrival of the ambulance, and the symptoms worsened during that period and the lives were dropped. Furthermore, it is not certain whether the car was brought to the shoulder by oneself, and it was supposed to collide with the median strip, the side of the road, or another car if it was the worst situation "accident death of unknown cause" There was even a possibility.

Later, Mr. Neely received treatment by a doctor and said that he is now heading for recovery. "There is no perfect technology in this world, but at the current level I think it is safer than a normal car," said Mr. Neely, who evaluates the performance of the autopilot.

Tesla's CEO Eulon Mask has retweeted this news.

When it is asked whether the autopilot mode actually saved Mr. Neely's life, there are various factors intertwined with each other, so it can not be said that "yes" unconditionally. Nonetheless, even in the event of a sudden illness while traveling on a highway by this incident, avoiding a collision by continuing to run as it is, temporarily relieving Nigerie's burden by taking over driving, autopilot mode There are things that can not be overlooked, and it seems that these can be said to be the result of the safety performance brought about by "lane keeper function" etc. equipped in some cars. As Mr. Nielee says, perfectly safe technology may not exist, but the fact that safety performance that was not traditionally achieved with new technology has been realized on the development of automobile technology It seems to be said that it can be said to be a point to move.

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