I went to an exhibition event of huge "Arthas" Statue (bronze statue) symbolizing the idea of ​​Blizzard, the first in Asia

Overwatch (overwatch)YaHearthstone (Hearthstone)Known for popular games such asBlizzard Entertainment, Taiwan · Taichung is 14 feet (about 4.3 meters) in length Total weight of 4000 pounds (about 1.8 tons) Warcraft's "ArthasWe built a huge Statue of bronze statues. This was the first announcement event of Blizzard 's Statue held in Asia on July 25, 2016.

Blizzard Entertainment

The location of Arthas' Statue is located in the center of Taichung City, Kusakudo (Calligraphy Greenway).

Google Maps is the location of the following pins.

There was a special stage for Statue 's Amber event (unveiling ceremony).

Climb up to the surroundings.

"Alasas coming down."

There is a Statue of Arthas on the other side of this veil.

With the support of Taichung City, a permanent bronze statue will be built.

Several people concerned gathered one after another in the light of the illumination.

Orchestra is ready too.

Blizzard 's Michael von Asia Publishing Vice President and Lin Chia - Lung Mayor Taichung May arrived.

A lot of audience are watching ......

The moderator is on stage and the Ambert event starts.

The event began with the performance by the orchestra.

The performance of the orchestra inviting to the world of Warcraft can be confirmed in the following movie.

Blizzard's first Statue Amber event in Asia begins at the live performance of the orchestra - YouTube

Mayor Hayashi / Taichung

Von Asia Publishing Vice President

Municipal assembly of Taichung City was also rushed to.

Following the expression by mayor Taichung ...

Mr. Fong. "Arthas' Statue was built with the cooperation of Taichung City, not only commemorating the 25th anniversary of Blizzard, but also the commitment that Blizzard continues to make high quality games for the next 25 years It is a proof that I would be happy not only for Taichung citizens but also for tourists from all over the world. "

And it is Amber. A desk with a button to lower the curtain is carried on the stage ... ...

Push the button with the call of "3, 2, 1".

The appearance of Arthas' s huge Statue presentation can be confirmed in the following movie.

Amber scene of huge Statue "Arthas" of Asia's first Blizzard - YouTube

Commemorative photo with self-shooting stick.

A state of great satisfaction with overwhelming dexterity.

The Arthas Statue is made of bronze and is permanently installed in the park.

Before the bronze statue, Blizzard's mission statement of "DEDICATED TO CREATING THE MOST EPIC ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCES ... EVER. (Dedicated to creating the best entertainment experience ever)" was highlighted.

Arthas in the heart of Taichung will continue to prove Blizzard's best gaming experience.

Even so, it is beautiful formative that makes you fall in love.

The back of Arthas which can hardly be seen is like this.

The feeling of dynamism is not Hanpa. The design of Arthas is due to Taichung creators' hands.

Compared to the person on the left in the photo, its size should be transmitted.

Blizzard 's Arthas Statue is likely to be a new sight in Taiwan' s third city in Taichung.

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