Produced by Godzilla model noodle replica special edition (No. 1 model specification) "Shin · Godzilla"

By "Majestic! Amazing !! Transcending !!!", the ultimate Godzilla, whose price is surprisingly as much as 996,600 yen including tax (shipping fee)One festival 2016 [summer]It was on display at the Shin · Godzilla booth.

Kaiyodo × Shin · Godzilla | Figurative modeling planning, production Kaiyodo Co., Ltd.

Godzilla of a standing as if to overrun the city of night as if it is lighted up from this side is produced Produce · Godzilla model form replica special edition (No. 1 model specification) "Shin · Godzilla"

Planning and supervision is Anno Hideaki, as well as character design and model productionTakayuki Takeya

Towering tail.

It has become a finished product made of resin cast, and the completeness is overwhelming as you can see.

"It's awesome! Amazing !! Transcending !!!" and it can not be helped to flutter like the former Toho monster movie trailer

In addition, it is completely to-order products and will be released late October

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