FGO 'Assassin / Drinking Drunko' The way to show 1/7 scale figures is a masterpiece, you can see well with this movie

From the "Fate / Grand Order", a scaled figure three-dimensionally created with the original pose with the motif of the second comer of the Assassin class servant "Sakurajiji" was displayed at One Fest 2018 [summer] The display method is pretty fancy.

It is exhibited at Max Factory, and such a big signboard is a landmark

You can understand what it actually looks like in one shot by watching the following movie.

Sakuraji - YouTube

Production of light is overwhelming, total height is about 155 mm

At first it looks like this

Image to be poured

A big ripple spreads widely

The release date is scheduled for June 30, 2019, the price is 15,566 yen, prototype production: Kawasei Ken, Coloring: It is the beginning of the Akimoto, and it is possible to make reservations with Amazon etc

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