"Saber 10th Royal Dress ver." Wrapped in veil, reproduces a pretty atmosphere

TYPE-MOON 10th anniversary event "TYPE-MOON Fes.'Theme Song'From new world"It is this" Saber - 10th Royal dress ver. ~ 1/7 scale figure "that faithfully three-dimensionalized the illustration of Saber drawn in 2012 as a CD jacket of CD"One festival 2015 [winter]It was exhibited at the Aniplex booth.

Saber ~ 10th Royal Dress ver. ~ 1/7 Scale Figure | ANIPLEX +

First this is the original illustration

And it was the three-dimensional

On the display properly reproduces the flowers at your feet

Bale part detachable

Looking from the other side like this

As you can see from the front it certainly made the illustration fairly faithfully three-dimensionalized

It looks like this from behind

Looking at this angle there is considerable atmosphere

Feeling that the mouth is a little smiling

To every detail, various sticking

Approximately 250 mm in total height including the base

The pedestal is like this

Hiroshi (Sakura Front Line) is the prototype production, Stronger

The price is scheduled to be released in September 2015 with 104040 yen including tax, reservations are currently in service

From the bottom, you can see how that flower bouquet is

furtherAlterThis Fate / EXTRA Saber Extra Swimsuit Ver., Which was exhibited in the booth, will be released in 2015 and price unknown, the prototype is Hashimoto Ryo Ichimori Nanakata

And from "Fate / stay night" "Heroine X", planned to be released in 2015, price unknown, prototype is Ryosaki, prototype cooperation is Alter

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