"Saber clothes ver" and a fate / Grand Order saver who looks good on vivid kimono Fate figure summary

Fate / stay night "animation and" Fate / Grand Order "for smartphone game,Wonder Festival 2016 [Summer]I tried collecting figures of the Fate series which was exhibited at the venue at once.

The exhibition at the Aniplex booth was "1/7 scale saver clearance ver." For the first public release at the One Fest site. The price is 13,000 yen including tax, released in May 2017 at the Aniplex official websiteReservation acceptedis.

Saber wearing a light color of light blue and pink color.

Excalibur is made of transparent material with its cutting edge, reproducing "invisible sword (invisible air)".

I put the left hand on the neck.

head on. Bright pink flowers shine on a light blue kimono.

From Fate / Grand Order, "1/7 scale sealer · Mash Killierite" tax included 13,000 yen, released in March 2017 at the Aniplex official websiteReservation accepted.

I have a huge shield in my hand. Sexy arms that were exposed largely from clothes, somewhat gloomy look.

Foot shoes and equipment also reproduced finely.

In addition, we have decided to make figures of Fate / Grand Order's "Avenger Jeanne d'Arc [Horta]".

Found / EXTRA CCC "Premium figure" Saber "found at the Good Smile Company booth will appear in September 2016, prototype production Shingo Ozawa

It is the appearance of Saber Bride in "Bridal Bridal Gown".

From Fate / Grand Order "Super Premium Figure" Saber / Okita Soshi "planned to appear in December 2016, Prototype Production: Questioners Inc.

Saber holding a Japanese sword.

The front is like this. Hakama's folds are finely modeled one by one.

After that I came to Sega booth.

From Fate / Grand Order "figma shielder / Mash Killierite" scheduled to be released in winter 2017, price undecided, prototype production: Max Factory (Asahina Watanohiko · Taiyou) / Production cooperation: Asai Maki. For order-made products, on the Aniplex official websiteReservation acceptedis.

From Fate / Grand Order, "Nendoroid ruler / Jeanne d'Arc"Scheduled to be released in October 2016, the price is 4444 yen + tax, prototype production: knead (kan-D!) / Production cooperation: Nendoro

The flag held in my hand flutters in the wind.

From Fate / Grand Order, "Nendoroid Shielder / Mash Killier Light" Release date and price are undecided at the time of production, prototype production: Toitec D.T.C / production collaboration: Nendoro

From Fate / Grand Order, "Nendoroid Saber / Altria · Pendragon"Released in July 2016, the price is 4630 yen + tax. Prototype production: Toitec DT C / Production collaboration: Nendoroid

Altria holding a sword and wearing a blue cloak.

From Fate / Grand Order, "Figma Archer / GilgameshIt is scheduled to be released in December 2016, the price is 9074 yen + tax. Prototype Production: Max Factory / Production Cooperation: Maki Asai

Posing like gil-sama like Gil poker armor and red cloak dressed in hands.

From Fate / stay night, "1/7 Scale Saber Horta ~ Votive Major Hammer (Vodigan) ~The planned resale in April 2017, the price is 11,852 yen + tax. Prototype production: Hiroshi (Sakura front)

The feet are like this because of this feeling.

From "Fate / stay night", "Parfum Saber" Release date and price are undecided at the time, prototype production: Tonna Kunashi (Ryurin Tei)

From the side.

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