"Black ★ Rock Shooter" figure feeling the world view of animation

"Black ★ Rockshooter"Nendoroids and figures were exhibited extensively at the corner of the Good Smile Company booth.

Rock Canon of 1/1 scale stabbed in front of the booth and was very eye catching. Other exhibitions are based on white, but only that one was unified in black, representing the world view of black ★ rock shooter.

Details are as below. "Black ★ Rock Shooter Puppet" for stop motion film photography

The Nendoroid's "Black Rock Shooter Set" seems to be a privilege of animated Blu-ray and DVD.

Black ★ Rockshooter

Dead Master

"Dead scythe" to be released in October 2010

This is "★ Rock Canon" on sale

Nendoroid "Black Rock Shooter" to be released in August 2010 (3500 yen including tax)

Nendoroid "Dead Master". Price is undecided.

Figma "Dead Master" to be released in October 2010 (3000 yen including tax)

Figma "Black Gold Saw" is undecided for both release date and price.

Figma "Black ★ Rock Shooter" will be released in August 2010.

PVC painted finished product · 1/8 scale "Black ★ Rock Shooter - animaition version -" will be released in October 2010 (9800 yen including tax)

It is amazingly dynamic.

"Price dead master - amimation version -" is undecided.

"Black ★ Rock Shooter - Black Blade ver .-" is on sale.

"Black ★ Rock Shooter" also on sale

"Dead Master - original version -" released in November 2010 (9800 yen including tax)

Illustrations were displayed on the wall.

★ Rock Canon on 1/1 scale is impressive.

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