"Black★Rock Shooter" and "Dead Master" figures in Wonder Festival 2010 Winter

Here's another Vocaloid tune-themed figures from Wonder Festival 2010 Winter. Black★Rock Shooter is a Hatsune Miku song by Supercell, inspired by original illustration by huke.

Read on for detail.

Black★Rock Shooter :: supercell

Black★Rock Shooter Nendroid. Price and release date TBA.

"★Rock Cannon", the girl's main weapon.

Black★Rock Shooter figma. To be released in Summer, 2010.

Figma of Dead Master, Black Rock Shooter's enemy is also scheduled to be released.

Another Black★Rock Shooter

Good Smile Company's Black★Rock Shooter. To be released on April 2010, at 6800 Yen(about $76 USD).

Dead Master. Release date TBA.

Black★Rock Shooter will be adapted to anime this spring. This is the figure of anime version Black★Rock Shooter. Release date TBA.

Dead Master Anime Ver. Release date TBA.

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