Completion degree of Axel World "Kuroyuki Hime" is very high

It is one of the showrooms of the prototypical master how to maintain the image of the work itself even when it is successfully three-dimensionalized, but it is one festival that boasts a high degree of completion by further digestion 2013 [winter]good smile CompanyIt was exhibited in the booth.

First of all, this is the unknown release date / price unknown Axel World 'Black Snow Princess', on the 1/8 scale the prototype teacher is an explosion shooter

Next, Aresel World "Snow White" as well as the price undecided · Price undecided, prototype teacher on 1/7 scale is YOSHI

The original "Axel World 6 Sono of the cleanlinessThree-dimensional cover design of

As you can see, both are very high levels. I also have a high level feeling in the same way as the price.

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