A photograph collection showing the overwhelming beauty by holding the interior of the Islamic chapel "Mosque" in a panorama

"A mosque"Islamic chapel, there are many people who have a familiar appearance like a temple with a domed roof. It combines the features of ancient and Western architectureIslamic architectureAlthough there may be few people who have watched closely to the interior of the mosque due to Mr. Mohammad Laser Domilly, an Iranian photographer fascinated by the beautiful architectural structure of the mosque, The pictures taken at an angle that has never been seen are the most popular.

The Mesmerizing Architecture of Mosques - Vantage - Medium

People who stepped into the mosque's cathedral reflexly raised their eyes, took their eyes on complicated and luxurious buildings, and they felt sorry for the eeriness of the vast indoor space.

Islamic architecture like a work of art spreads as if you look around, maybe it is difficult to grasp the whole image of the vast cathedral from corner to corner, as it seems to cut off a part in human sight not.

Therefore, Mr. Domiri, Iranian photographer, practices a new idea of ​​using the wide-angle lens and the fisheye lens to hold the whole image of the mosque in one panoramic photo.

"It is my opinion that the most important feature of the architecture of the mosque is" symmetry, repetition, light source, tiling ". Even in the mosques that were built centuries ago, almost everything is used by local people for worship even if it is modern.

Although the mosques have different architectural styles depending on the age when they were built, they are made by repeating symmetrical patterns, cylinders, colonnades, vaulted ceilings with vaulted colors, tiling with variegated colors and stained glass That's right.

By putting all the elements that make up the mosque in one picture, it is finished in the eye-catching picture of a person like a work of art.

Mr. Dumilly attached such a wide-angle lens and a camera fitted with a fisheye lens to a tripod and succeeded in this approach.

In both cases, permission is required for photography, but even when I have an official permission, there are times when I could be taken over by the administrator and there was a day when I could not shoot a single picture.

Also, Mr. Domiri tells us that there are various challenges to photographing the mosque, such as being closed out when the Muslim worshiping time comes and there are days when we have to take pictures while there are a lot of tourists It is.

It is like this when taking an interior view of a mosque in panorama.

Using a fisheye lens to hold a picture from the ceiling to the entrance into a single picture, it is completely finished in a beautiful picture-like composition. Mr. DomiriThe Great Pyramid of GizaWhen photographing the interior of the building, I took the interior of the mosque and got the idea of ​​a photographic work. It is planned to continue to spread the charm of the less-known Muslim region to the Christianity sphere etc. by keeping the mosque in the future as a work and leaving it as a work.

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