It's like a dungeon entrance, a temple ruin eroded by trees and integrated into one "Ta Pro rume"

"A ruin, like a fantasy or an adventure fiction, is" Ta Pro rume "that" a ruin that a huge tree has eroded over the temple itself over a long period of time ". It is a place that is quite a reality, but since it is a sightseeing spot, you can actually visit.

The detail of the temples remains from the following.Giant Trees At the Cambodian Temple of Ta Prohm

"Ta Prohm"Is a World Heritage Site"Angkor WatFamous forCambodiaofAngkor Archaeological SiteIt is one of. Originally built as a Buddhist temple at the end of the 12th century, it is thought that it was later rehabilitated as a Hindu temple.

The eroding treeBanjumaruAnd that.

movies"tomb RaiderThere was also a place where the shooting of the shoot was done.

Restoration plans are set up because erosion is too advanced, but debate about restoration is ongoing as it is not clear whether the trees are destroying the ruins or conversely supporting the ruins.

A tree riding on the ruins completely.

Entrance to enter through the clearance of trees.

There is atmosphere which was rather devastated.

Engraved on the wall of the templeRelief.

It looks like an entrance to the dungeon. I feel excited and adventurous spirit.

As it is a sightseeing spot, it seems that a board walk is installed so that it is easier to walk.

It seems quite difficult to artificially reproduce this scene.

The vitality of the plant is felt from trees growing everywhere.

Did sun go down and the sun of Cambodia grew trees so far?

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