Aerial shooting movie "BALANCE" which shot the scenery of New York like a scene of a movie using a drones

Freefly's drone with the eight rotors in the city of New York "ALTA 8", Stabilizer for fixing the camera"MoVI M15", A movie that aired the city 360 degrees from the sky"BALANCE"Has been released.

BALANCE on Vimeo

I took a picture of the city where the buildings lined up from directly above.

Even just trees, when you shoot from just above with a drone you make a magical picture.

Decorated with art deco at the topChrysler Building.

A wide road on the outskirts ......

While dragging the camera greatly, the drones will advance.

Factory areas and urban areas.

The appearance of taking the road upside down is like a movie "Inception"As.

Composition that skyscraper is stretching toward the ground.

A cemetery where many graveyards lined up in order.

Go through under the bridge ......

I will fly over the track.

Grave and high-rise building.

From the roof of the building.

It also includes a beautiful sunset view.

You can see the making movie that shows how you shot "BALANCE" using ALTA 8 from the following.

BALANCE || Behind the Scenes (short version) on Vimeo

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