Short film movie "FERRO" reproducing the fantastic landscape of Northern Europe with iron powder and magnetic force

A live-action photograph of the iron powder, a movie made to look like the scenery of the Northern Europe mountain closed by the snow "FERRO"is. As the inorganic iron powder died, the atmosphere of the quiet winter forest is being covered, and it is finished in a very fantastic image.

FERRO on Vimeo

A deep forest where the fog will rise.

The cold forest that seems to be covered with snow is made of iron powder.

The iron powder forest moves little by little so as to counteract gravity.

As if weathering as time passes, it collapses.

The scenery with animals is also a fantastic atmosphere.

I turned my eyes as if I noticed this existence, I looked around.

Looking from above it looks like this.

A person who falls in the forest and a person who leaves the place.

Iron powder that should be inorganic matter keeps moving as if it were alive.

The fantastic animation that makes it dim, makes me think Northern Europe is live-actionComputer Generated Imagery(CGI)Combined. Making is released from the following movies.

FERRO Making Off on Vimeo

Although it is not clarified in detail, it seems that magnetic power is generated by the machine at the feet and the iron powder is moving.

Iron powder in hand.

When dropping it on a table, the iron powder will stand up against gravity.

As magnetic force is turned off, it looks just like sand.

Spread iron powder ... ....

It seems that magnetic force is applied only to the front part.

It seems that Norte Estudio, which produced the movie, started using iron powder for another project, but when I took a macro lens to shoot iron powder like a pricker all at once, it looks like a forest of Norway " I noticed that, "FERRO" was created as an original project.

To pictures taken with live action ... ...

I will add homes etc in CG.

People who fell were also CGI.

A boat's boat floating on the lake.

Add the state of the iron powder photographed to this ... ....

Added a sky look etc.

If you further process the whole thing, a dark and moody movie has been made.

Also deer made with CG.

When this is processed ...

That's it.

When iron powder was photographed actually, the background seemed to be blue.

Convert to monochrome video ......

Added window frame.

If you paint the outside, the mountain of iron powder turns into a cold view spreading outside the window.

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