Produce animation with bear that was output with 3D printer

The technology of 3D printers continues to rise,3D printer that can output carbon fiberAndA 3D printer that outputs a houseHas also appeared. Although it is not possible to output things that move indeed, a movie that animates and shoots each object by outputting a bear object is released.


You can see how animation is created and moved by 3D object bear objects from the following movies.


First of all I model soft staircases.

Next ready to draw 3D bear prints.

Then, the bear that I drew earlier will be output by win-win and 3D printer, and will shape it.

Taking a bear that was lined up in the studio one by one like this.

White bear rising the stairs.

Try changing the angle and look like this. Although it is an ornament one by one ... ....

It is an animation, and the appearance that it rises slowly stairs is completed. Looking at GIF animation, you can see that the bear, which is a polygon-like 3D printer output, moves.

This is the only part that was used in the production ... ...

It outputted a bear whose position of the hands and feet moved little by little, and made animation. In a movie, bear begins to move easily, but it should be a distracting work ......

In addition, from the following page you can see some other animated works of the studio "DBLG" which produced this movie.

DBLG on Vimeo

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