Drawing machine that draws "hamster's picture" with hamster as power

If you put a turning car together with the hamster, the hamster gets crazy in the turning car and runs full power. Using thisSubmarine powered by hamsterIn the past there was a hero who made the hamster, but using the hamster as a power "Drawing machine for drawing hamsters' pictures"Has appeared.

Hamster Powered Hamster Drawing Machine - Neil Mendoza

Hamster Powered Hamster Drawing Machine on Vimeo

The movie starts. What was projected was a piece of aluminum with a pen tip attached to it.

Subsequently, a circular object is projected ... ...

A hamster that supplies power here will come to mind.

There is a hamster in the right turning car part, and the hamster runs on the turning car to convey the energy born to the bigger circular machine on the left via the gear.

Acrylic parts such as the following are attached to the inner lower part of the red circular part ... ...

Acrylic parts roll inside the red round parts.

Hamster stops running crisply. The hamster seems to be in the right hand turning car part, but this is a small liquid crystal display, actually there seems to be a hamster behind the liquid crystal display.

Hamster running horses. In addition, if the rotation of the turning car was used as it was, the whole machine would move or stop due to the haste of the movement of the hamster. Therefore, in order to control the operationRaspberry PiIt is said that it is incorporated in the right turning car part.

At the beginning of the movie is a pen drawing a picture ......

I draw a beautiful circle as follows.

Moreover, not only the circle but also the contour of the hamster firmly traces precisely.

It is this part that makes contact with the arm parts that fixes the pen tip that enables fine movement of the pen tip. Red circle parts are arranged one by one in front and back, and each edge part is slightly different in shape of decoration. The arm parts fixing the pen tip are in contact with this edge part, the red circle parts rotate as a hamster runs, the left and right arms finely move up and down expressing the movement of a delicate nib It is there.

The whole machine is like this. It is obvious that the edges of the red circle parts are decorated in a decorative shape.

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