"1000 Colors" of "Clemens Habicht Color Puzzles" that completes CMYK color scale with 1000 piece puzzle

Combining 1000 pieces painted with different monochrome to complete the beautiful gradation CMYK color scale is "Clemens Habicht Color Puzzles"of"1000 Colors"is. In addition to 1000 Colors, a huge "203 × 81 cm" finished size5000 ColorsThere are also such as "puzzles that try out the competence of a person who is" confident ant in color ".

Clemens Habicht Color Puzzles

This is the original "1000 Colors" of Clemens Habicht Color Puzzles

When opening the box it looks something like this. Each piece is painted in a single color.

At first glance they seem to be spreading pieces of different colors ... ...

You can see that drawing gradation by roughly dividing by color.

When completed it is like this.

You can see how you actually completed the 1000 piece puzzle from the following movie.

1000 Colors Timelapse - Long on Vimeo

Firstly from the point of opening.

Piece is opened and puzzle starts. In the movie, work is proceeding with four people.

First of all, I will find the edge part of the scattered colorful pieces and join them together.

White and green edges are completed. Piece will be consolidated in rough hues such as green, blue and red.

Piece is fitted from the outside ...

The whole picture gradually became visible.

This is the completion drawing. Each piece is painted in a solid color, but after completion the puzzles are beautifully depicted with gradations of CMYK color scale. The size after completion is 50 × 70 cm.

There are also other CMYK color scale puzzles in Clemens Habicht Color Puzzles. Below are the more "5000 Colors" pieces

Basically it's the same design as 5000 Colors, but its size is pretty big. When a child sits on a puzzle, it looks like the following.

The finished figure is kore.

Also, "1000 Vibrating Colors" is a dots using complementary colors placed on the base color. The package is as follows.

One piece is used in two colors, such as green dots on pink, orange dots on blue, light blue dots on red, and so on.

It seems that you are assembling puzzles.

This is a completed figure. It has become a very subtle hue change.

In addition, "1000 Halftone Colors" exists.

This is the same composition as 1000 Colors, but each piece has dots of various sizes using four colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and one color is generated by overlapping of dots That is why.

Looking from a distance, it looks like the same color scale as 1000 Colors ... ...

As you approach, you can see that colors are composed by overlapping dots.

In addition, "100 Colors" for children is also available.

When opening the box it looks something like this.

Every single piece is large so that it can be handled even by the hands of children. It is a color scale roughly more than 1000 Colors etc.

Three of 1000 Colors, 1000 Vibrating Colors, 1000 Halftone Colors are sold for 40 Australian dollars (about 3,500 yen), 100 Colors for 30 Australian dollars (about 2,600 yen), but 150 Australian dollars (approx. 10 thousand 3000 yen) of 5000 Colors were out of stock at the time of article creation.

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